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  1. linnywho

    Still Jobless

    Unfortunately the time line to get hired varies greatly. I am not sure what unit you applied to but here are some things I figured out along the road. Some units will not hire you without experience in that area. (eg. operating room) Moreover, they do not contact you to let you know your not qualified. I was working in one unit and applied to the OR, it finally took me calling the unit to find out they were only looking to hire experienced nurses, because they don't want to train anyone. I know at least one friend who either applied and never heard back or interviewed and never heard back from ER. I am not sure what is up with them. If you apply to med/surg or adult isolation and there is an opening it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to get a call back. If you want to PM me I can send you a contact for HR that I have. I also have been known to call HR for a few days straight or go down there in person to get an answer. The way it seems to work is this though. You apply and HR screens your app to make sure you meet the minimum qualifications, as imposed by the hospital. Once they verify you meet those qualifications your app is forwarded to the unit manager on the unit you applied to. The unit manager will then review it with their own criteria, such as OR requiring experience. The unit manager will then send a message to HR telling them to setup an interview. You will be called in to interview with the unit manager. After the interview the unit manager then has to contact HR and tell them they want to offer you a job. HR then sets the pay rate based on your experience and contacts you with the offer. I can tell you that I interviewed for my current unit while working on another. I knew I had this new position and it still took about 2 weeks for the official offer to come back after the interview. But do realize when dealing with HR it is usually not their fault it is taking so long. Treat them with respect when you do get in touch with them and be very thankful even when you get an answer you don't like.
  2. linnywho

    PALS courses in New Orleans/Baton Rouge

    The Baton Rouge General puts on courses for its nurses. In the past they allowed those who don't work for the General to pay a fee to attend the courses. I am not sure if they still do this. You can get the calendar and course information by going to the website, going to the intranet link at the bottom and then selecting calendar under education.
  3. linnywho

    Grades in nursing school vs. success as a nurse?

    The only thing grades seem to indicate is how easily some people get the class material compared to others. I had to study my butt off and my GPA dropped from a 3.3 before starting the nursing curriculum to a 2.98 upon graduation. However, our school did use a 6 point scale once starting the nursing classes. I can tell you my GPA is no indicate of my abilities as a nurse. Out over 35+ students only 12 of us passed the exit exam that semester and received diplomas. Then while some 3.5 students had to wait an entire semester or even a year to sit for the NCLEX, I passed the first time with the minimum number of questions. Moreover, within 3 years of graduation I was awarded as a Great 100 Nurse for my state. What does all of this mean? Your grades do not indicate who you are or the quality of your nursing care. Unfortunately there are some smart people who get into nursing for the money. They have good grades and offer poor care. I also had a friend that started school with me and graduated 2 years after me from having to repeat nursing classes (failing or dropping). She had the passion to be a nurse and I would accept her care any day and I doubt her GPA is above a 2.2. The only thing I think a GPA matters for is graduate school and from what I have researched so far, the low GPA can be overcome with a few extra years of experience and/or a high GRE score. I do intend to go to graduate school and will probably take a few science classes (organic chem, physics, statistics) to raise my GPA above the 3.0 mark and hope my 5-6 years of experience by then gets me in.
  4. linnywho


    Husband of linnywho again. From what I can tell the national guard and several airlines have been providing air transport and a train company has provided train transport for medically needy patients. I know some have been flown or taken to Memphis. According to the news here there are at least 9 different aircraft that have been mentioned as being available for medical transport. I also know that atleast 100 ambulances were available for transportation of patients to Baton Rouge. I have been seeing them driving caravans of ambulances back and forth to New Orleans for 2 days now. As far as storm goes, it appears that it will be a Cat 3 at this point. They claim that the storm surg will only be 15 feet at this point and that is considered managable. Some local news agencies are speculating the 25ft storm surg measurement was perhaps exagerated to get people to leave, but who knows. I do expect some flooding in low areas, but I would not expect it to be like Katrina. It is just my opinion but at this point if a hospital has not taken its critical care patients out of the danger zone, it is of thier own chosing. The resources have been provided and active for 2-3 days now.
  5. linnywho


    Hubby of linnywho talking. I just dropped off my wife at University Hospital New Orleans-the current interim hospital for Charity. They went code grey at 7am today and she is on the team that gets locked in the hospital with 10 days worth of clothing and food until this is over. Worse part is, this is her first day at University although she does have 2 years experience. She seems to be ok with this, so I guess I will be as well. Good luck to all you nurses stuck in this dangerous situation.