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    Temple DNP Program

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone here has enrolled in Temple's DNP program. I can't find a lot of info about it. I am currently getting my BSN online at Wilmington University and I want to become a nurse practitioner so I was planning to either continue with the MSN at Wilmington or attend another local school. The MSN at Wilmington would take 3 years. I looked into Jefferson and UPenn. Their programs are much shorter, around 1-1.5 years but also much more expensive. Then I looked at Temple and they seem to have the best balance of time, value and education. Three years for a DNP at around $60k and all classes are in the evening. I received a Biology degree from Temple so I am comfortable attending Temple again but I wanted to hear from other students who have been through their DNP program.
  2. Hi Everyone. I am currently pursuing my ADN.Ultimately I want to become an NP. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology I was looking at Drexel's RN-MSN program with bridge courses to get my NP. But with the requirements for many schools to move from MSN to DNP for NP education, I thought maybe I should just go straight for the NP. I looked at Drexel's new DNP/DrNP program online which is in response to the AACN requirements to have DNP for NPs but their requirements seemed vague. They ask for additional certification for advanced practice nursing, as if that is optional. I emailed them to ask for clarification and they basically said you need an MSN before you can go into their DNP program. That seems a little ridiculous and just an added step. I thought you either choose Master's or Doctorate, not have to go through on to get to the other. Does this seem odd to anyone else or is this normal in the world of nursing? Can anyone recommend a good RN-DNP program in the Philadelphia area or online?
  3. Changeup

    DCCC Nursing Program 2013

    I've gotten notification that I was accepted to the Evening/Weekend Class at Marple. It was sent, or at least typed up, on December 11th and I received it on the 14th so they are definitely starting to send them out.
  4. Changeup

    DCCC Nursing Program 2013

    Hi I'll be applying this year for the evening/weekend 2013 program at marple. I took my TEAS in mid-August and got an 83%. That was with tons of studying so I am really not wanting to take it again. I am now just waiting to get my PA/FBI background stuff before I can petition. I used the McGraw-Hill practice test book to study and it had no chemistry in it. So I wish I had studied that more. What have others applying for 2013 got on their TEAS test? Anyone willing to share? Also does anyone know how clinicals are scheduled once you start nursing classes. The weekend program gives a range from 630am to 10pm for Saturday and Sunday. Do you get a schedule and keep that the entire semester? And can you pick your schedule?
  5. Changeup

    Prerequisites Question

    Well as recently as 2007, I was doing partial necropsies on animals as part of my job so I don't think there is anything in an A&P class that is going to blow me away at this point. My career since college has been science based, mostly involving animals. It just seems so redundant for me to have to take those courses again and also expensive.
  6. Changeup

    Prerequisites Question

    For the past month or so I have seriously been considering nursing. I would like to become a Nurse Practitioner. Now I am focusing on getting into Jefferson's Nursing program in Philadelphia but they and all other BSN/MSN programs have prerequisites. Well I have a BA in Biology and I took classes from 99-03. I pretty much have all the pre-requisites these programs require the only problem is, they are all pretty much over 10 years old and no one will accept them anymore. So now I have to go to the local community college and retake all those classes which I see as a huge waste of time and money. I mean how much has basic Chemistry or A&P changed in the past 10 years or past 20 years for that matter?? I'm wondering if anyone knows of any workaround for this. I would have to take 6 classes in 2012 while working full-time if i want to make it into the 2013 class. That does not sound fun, especially considering the classes I would need to take aren't the easiest and they have labs. The community college takes transfer credits. I am wondering if I could transfer my old classes from my BA to them and they would somehow be 'refreshed' and then Jefferson might allow me to use them as pre-req's for their program. I have no idea how transfer credits work. When you transfer credits/courses what does it actually look like on a new transcript? I also considered just taking the ASN program at my local community college but while doing research on that I came to the revelation that the deadline for the 2012 class was in October of this year so the earliest class I could get into is Fall 2013 and I have no desire to sit on my hands for the next two years just to start an ASN program and still having to get the BSN and MSN. So does anyone have any ideas?
  7. Changeup

    New name for nurses who are men

    Aspiring male nurse here. I always thought 'Norse' was a good term. Yes it has another meaning but so do a lot of words.