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  1. Schems

    Canadian nursers leaving to work in the USA.

    Bigger salary, less hours and better conditions of work, just like in US. Thats why they leave for US.
  2. Schems

    living in the US compared to Canada..(long)

    It's normal that the gaz in Vancouver is more expensive than in Alberta, 'cause the principale economic ressource in Alberta is 'GAS'. I live in Montreal and I have know alot of people saying that they prefere Canada to Us, cause the living is less expensive. Specially, if you have a family to take care or if you are a student. But as a nurse you are paid more for less hours in US and here in Canada. That the huge problem in Canada. When the student get is license, he immediatly leaves the country for US. That's why in the territory of Quebec, if you study nursing with an award. They gonna hold your licence for an indetermined time. Thats mean, but you can understand the gouvernement.