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  1. mtgirl81

    What are you researching?

    Hi all! How did you get into research nursing? I'd love to be involved in this field, but I'm not sure where to start. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. mtgirl81

    Meaningful Interaction: A Study in Comfort

    Love, love, love this. Thank you! You make me miss the hospital a bit, and that is not easily done!
  3. mtgirl81

    Evidence Based Practice related to School Nursing

    Epi-Pen use is a big one. Some states are going to a blanket order to have Epi-Pens available for all students, regardless of known allergy.
  4. mtgirl81

    Antipsychotics and increased BG

    Hi all. I'm a school nurse in rural NW WA. I have an 8 year old male student who is on multiple heavy hitter meds, including Depakote. Here's my concern: Depakote and other antipsychotics can manipulate BG to high levels and even lead to diabetes. In...