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  1. kaseysmom

    Where Do Residents Rights End? Long, Sorry.

    Usually - this is out of the realm of assisted living whent he patients require more extensive care such as a bed bath - however, perhaps he would be willing to have one rather then a shower. Or, you could try giving him a wet washcloth and he will instinctly wash himself. It's not a shower, but its' better then nothing
  2. kaseysmom

    defib and the pregnant patient

    Just a question - but if the pregnant mother were in the hospital (which im assuming she is) - wouldn't the concentration be more set on delivering the baby??...rather then shocking the mother?? im probably wrong - but just curious
  3. kaseysmom

    CHF help

    right sided http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000154.htm left sided http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000152.htm
  4. kaseysmom

    Neuro Checks - What do I do?

    keep in mind when doing neuro checks that if there is a board in their room )more so in a hospital setting) with the date on it - that the "whats todays date" question won't work - also, when i am doing neuro checks - and the patient answers the majority of them correctly..but gets one wrong, i'll ask another similar question because sometimes they are forgetful. another good tip is to always go head to toe..otherwise you'll prolly forget something if you're forgetful like me, lol.
  5. kaseysmom

    Nurses Will Eat Anything

    this isnt' something someone brought in - but in nursing school - our instructor made us each take a bite of thickened liquids (water and thick-it for patients who are at risk for aspiration) - not my favorite way to drink water..yuck
  6. kaseysmom

    ACLS - Help!!

    Thanks for all the help!! I guess I was sorta shocked at the amount of information on the preentrance exam..(it's called a precourse written exam). Unfortunately, and im not sure if this is standard, I didn't learn a whole lot about meds given during a code and such so..I am sorta lost. Thanks everyone for the help, though =)
  7. kaseysmom

    ACLS - Help!!

    I am having a hard time with the entry exam for the ACLS course - anyone know of a helpful book or website to assist with the complection of the precourse exam?? Thanks
  8. kaseysmom

    Urinary Sepsis/Nanda Dx? ....Help!

    I have this book it's called Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis - its by Lippincotts. It was very helpful to me. However, the only nrsng diagnosis that I could find with regard to urination were: Impaired urinary elimination, urinary retention, total urinary incontinence, functional urinart incont., reflext urin. incont., urge urin. incont., risk for urge urin. incont., stress urin. incont., and meturational enuresis. To be honest, I don't think that any of those would apply to your pt the way it needs to. Urinary sepsis is obviously a urinary infection - perhaps something related to infections even though it may not be specific to urine?? Sorry I wasn't more of a help
  9. kaseysmom

    Help with ACLS

    I just got the course exam - im soo confused..anyone have any suggestions on how to complete it??
  10. kaseysmom

    "How old are you?"

    im 19 and just finished LPN school - clinicals were hard because people looked at me like "uh..how old are you again??" - to each their own, i suppose =)
  11. kaseysmom

    Is my patient going to die??

    The congestion and the cough could be due to the anesthesia (?) from surgery..i didn't check when this thread was posted so im not sure if that would still be occuring. There should be orders to TCDB for postop pt's (that's how things are done here, anyway). Pneumonia is very easy to treat as long as it is caught early. I had a pt once who had lung cancer with mets to the scapula (and probably a lot of other places but he was comfort measures only). Anyhow, he had pneumonia and got over it but right after that he became disoriented and started to go down hill - morphine and ambien were very helpful to him. But, he was a DNR and on hospice...i doubt your pt is either of these..Good luck, and whether or not your patient dies - it is a wonderful expierence for every nurse to have (the death of a pt) because it brings you back down to earth =)
  12. kaseysmom

    Just following the Dr's orders?

    We were taught to do the same as the previous post. If we didn't have an appropriate place to date, time and initial the drsng..then we put a piece of tape across the dressing. Tegaderms and some of the other dressing kits come with specific labels for those sorts of things.
  13. kaseysmom

    My friend lost her baby

    It is likely that her body will reabsorb the fetus. If not, the fetal contents may expell themselves - may look like blood clots. A US is not routinely done at the first OB appt (atleast here) except to determine gestation age. However, if your friend were complaining of severe cramping accompanied with the occasional spotting (which is normal) then he may have felt strange about it and that could have been the reason for the US.
  14. kaseysmom

    Patient Profiles and/or careplans??

    We did something similar to the previous post, age, pt initials, pts doctor, dx, hx, surgeries, labs, and such. Then for care plans we had to do an in depth informational part from the patient (to put towards our subjective and objective information) this included how they looked, what they said and so on and so forth. After looking at all the info we acquired we would pick as many nursing diagnoses that applied to this patient and choose the one most pertinent (keeping ABC's and maslows hierarchy in mind) and go from there. I had a little careplan book that helped me tons - i think its by lippincotts.
  15. kaseysmom

    Husband appaled when I chose to do nothing

    Just a quick opinion question. If you were witness to an accident and there was a victim who was bleeding profusely and needed CPR or some sort of hands on care (obviously) - would you be quick to do it, or would you refuse?? Reason for the question is that I have been witness to several accidents - although I have never had to do CPR or anything of the sort - but when I think back, had CPR been needed and the victim were bleeding...I have a feeling that I wouldn't want to do it. Maybe that's selfish of me - but I have a small child, if I didn't have gloves or a mask for this person - I don't think that I would want to subject myself to any diseases (although I do it every day at work just in a different way since gloves and such are at my disposal) that may be terminal knowing that I am the caregiver for my child..any opinions??