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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me with my query re CGFNS, CES, VISA SCREEN AND TN VISA. Background story: I am an internationally educated nurse from the Philippines and have moved to Canada in 2016 under the Permanent Resident status. I completed my BSN in the Philippines and have worked for about 4 years prior to migrating to Canada. I will be graduating from a 1-year bridging program in BC by Dec 2019 then I'll qualify for NCLEX and finally become a Canadian RN. I am also hoping to get my Canadian Citizenship by early 2020 so I can qualify for a TN visa in the USA. My partner will be moving to Seattle for work and we have decided to reunite once I'm done with school. I am now about to start to process my application for CGFNS and Washington State BON while waiting to finish my bridging course in Dec 2019 so that I can take the NCLEX asap. My question regarding the CES report, would it matter if I include my Canadian bridging program credentials or would my BSN in the Philippines be sufficient? My program won't finish until December 2019 so that will definitely delay the process. However, if I decided not to include my Canadian education during my CES evaluation but declare it on my Washington State BON application, will I run into any trouble? I believe that the Washington State BON requires English proficiency for education outside US/Canada. I was thinking if the Washington State BON will exempt me from submitting IELTS score if I include my Canadian education even though it was a bridging program and not a BSN? Also, will it be advisable to process CES and Visa Screen at the same time or should I wait until I have an employer before processing the visa screen for TN visa? I know the visa screen is expensive and also takes time to process. Will I have any trouble crossing the border under the TN visa if my BSN is completed in the Philippines despite being a (soon-to-be) Canadian citizen? Is there anyone out there who's in the same boat? Thanks so much in advance for your responses.