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Jazzi_CNA specializes in Long term care.


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  1. Jazzi_CNA

    ABSN Program

    Did you enter the program as an RN ?
  2. Jazzi_CNA

    Free Textbooks?

    that is super cool, I never knew I could rent books from Amazon!
  3. Jazzi_CNA

    Free Textbooks?

    thank you, would i be able to print them?
  4. Jazzi_CNA

    ABSN Program

    Has anyone graduated from an accelerated BSN program? If so, do you feel like you were properly prepared for the field? Any advice to new nursing students? Any regrets?
  5. Jazzi_CNA

    Free Textbooks?

    Networking sounds like the best option. Thank you !
  6. Jazzi_CNA

    Free Textbooks?

    Thank you very much for the advice, I will definitely try that!
  7. Jazzi_CNA

    jobs that offer tuition reimbursement

    Any advice on what to expect when working for a company that offers tuition reimbursement? How does the work/school/ personal life balance? Any regrets?
  8. Jazzi_CNA

    Free Textbooks?

    Hello, I am currently taking my pre-reqs for registered nursing. Are there any former students that would like to donate old text books, notes, or flash cards? This would be very helpful to new nursing students like myself.
  9. Jazzi_CNA

    ATS Institute Chicago

    I am very curious about ATS Institute. These questions are for any students or graduates. What is the difference between the entrance exam and the TEAS test? (Graduates)- Do you feel that you are well prepared after graduating? What would you tell a future student about this program that they may find out AFTER enrolling?