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  1. Stefanie0804

    Ontario RPN- RN

    I am an RPN who graduated in 2011. I have 1 fail on my transcript (young and stupid)- I want to upgrade to my RN, but i am unable to do this full time. I keep getting wait listed with Nipissing University (their blended program as i work for a facility who supports the program). I am willing to just do my BN and not BScN and futher upgrade later. But, I'm really looking for an online program with clinicals that can be done at home. Is my only choice Athabasca? Is it even legit? are there any other options even though the USA?
  2. Stefanie0804

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    BOO, think if i write to them they might tell me?? just wondering where i stand i guess!? wonder if locking myself away from the world for 2 year and 3 months paid off and for excatly how muchlol ...okay dramatic i know but would be cool to know...
  3. Stefanie0804

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    my preceptor failed 2 times before passing on her 3rd, and after working 10 years as a nurse ive never learned so much from a person! i agree with the person in 5 years will it matter how many times you wrote? I really hope you will reconsider writing! this doesnt reflect you abilities in anyway i know its not much from a stranger but hope you see it as words of encouragement from a person who failed patho and thought the world was over!
  4. Stefanie0804

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    I got my pass in the mail, but im dieing to know how much i passed by,,can i get my results like % i passed by? im really curious...
  5. Stefanie0804

    CPNRE Sept 14, 2011

    I'm in Toronto...Just got mine in the mail today! PASS!!! Was working with a Temp licences the last few weeks so every time the phone rang i would have a mini hear attack! Feels good!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  6. Stefanie0804

    Sept. 14,2011 CPRNE Test Results

    I wrote on Sept 14th in toronto, and i live in toronto just got my results today!!! I passed!!

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