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  1. rr82080

    Dumb things new nurses do....

    At least once a month I hang a secondary, (antibiotic or whatever) return to a beeping IV to signify it's complete only to find I never unclamped it and the patients got saline from the flush bag. I'll never learn.
  2. rr82080


    Is there anything else financially to consider? I work 7 to 7 and make a shift diff from 3-7 of three dollars an hour. So It's like I make an extra dollar and hour. My insurance is almost free which probably equals a couple of dollars an hour. My parking is free (I'm in a city hospital) and no other city hospital in my area has free parking so thats another dollar or two an hour. Does the new job offer any incentive ($) to not take their insurance and go on your husbands? That would be more money. Is the commute shorter saving you gas money? I guess when you put it like 40 a week, times 52 weeks it seems like a lot of money but your happiness is worth something.
  3. rr82080

    Why RNs cannot say 'That's not my job'

    Yes, I am not the floor cleaner, plumber or remote control repair man, but I AM the one who has to listen to it for the next twelve hours if family thinks the floor is disgusting, or if people keep coming in and slipping on the floor because of the broken plumbing, or a patient can't watch TV. I don't like it but it's true. Maybe this is the wrong answer. If we all stood up for ourselves there would be housekeepers, plumbers and remote control repairmen ready to do an A+ job at all times. Families, doctors and other employees wouldn't look at the nurse when something like this was wrong. But in my world, the above mentioned other employees aren't always there, and I don't want to listen to it for 12 hours. I do agree though, do your BEST not to get into it with ANY other practitioners. You need everyone on your side. If people don't like you they will make your life miserable.
  4. rr82080

    Washing patient's hair!!!

    One thousand kudos!
  5. rr82080

    Washing patient's hair!!!

    One of the ladies I work with actually turns the bed so the patients head is lined up with the sink, boosts the patient so head is off bed and in sink, and washes hair in sink. Its great but the patient has to be alert and strong enough to support their own head and neck since they are hanging over the end of the bed into the sink.
  6. rr82080

    do you make sure your pts

    I'm also glad your mother is doing well. I feel bad about her hair, I'm sure she was upset but you said she was in the ICU for six weeks and almost passed. Six weeks is a long time in an ICU and so I imagine she was very sick. Should people have tried to brush her hair? Of course. On my floor there are NO aides or techs or whatever you call them. I am the only person responsible for my patients. So sometimes hair brushing does not get done. Especially before any orders, meds, bloodwork, tests, face cleaning, body cleaning, or mouth cleaning. And then if they have been there a few days and already have a knot I feel pretty crummy about running my hospital issued dollar store comb through it as they grimace. It's not that I couldn't care less. And calling JACHO about knotted hair? Thats why people keep saying stuff like "I'm going to lose my license." Or loose. lol.
  7. rr82080

    Admissions during change of shift

    For those of you who have stated rules or policies, I think that is great. When everyone knows what they are supposed to do usually it gets done with minimal complaint. I have worked on a floor and now in an ICU and on the floor admissions always came at shift change. But often times my coworkers would hang on to discharges for a while to finish their other work, take a break or in hopes of delaying long enough to not get an admission. Well if your open room isn't ready until 1800 when do you think the admission is going to come? I would personally put my patients in a wheel chair and race them down to the front door in hopes of getting my next admission at 1600 not 1830. In the ICU we have to just take the patients as they come and often the OR brings them over between 1830 and 1930. We do what we can as a team to get them ready for the next shift. I will stay late to finish my charting. I also see people race to get patients out of the unit before the end of their shift. But working in an ICU if there is a very unstable patient coming from ER/OR they don't have time to wait, we race someone out of there and race the next patient in. Better to get it done ahead of time than play that rush game if you can help it. Even if it means transferring a patient at shift change. I always also let the nurse taking the patient know that the patient is stable enough that if you can't give them your full attention for 30 minutes they will be just fine. If not they should've stayed in the ICU.
  8. rr82080

    Working with student nurses

    Superstarlpn and the student who held the gloves until she took them; You will see countless examples of people doing things incorrectly or just poorly. If you call everyone out you will become exhausted and make no friends. Friends are not more important than patients, but being able to get along with your coworkers is almost as important as your skills. With an attitude/actions like that people will avoid you like the plague, including when your patient is circling the drain and you need them, gloves or not. I am not saying this is right, we should all do everything right all of the time and treat each other as we wish to be treated. But thats not how it is so you need to do the best YOU can and pick your battles wisely.
  9. Over the next year my husband and I will be moving for his job to the Washington DC area. I am currently a staff nurse in a trauma ICU at a level one trauma center. I have three years nursing expirience and a BSN. My license is in NY. Could anyone give me any info or advice about hospitals in the areas surrounding DC? We don't have a clue where we are going to live so any input would be appreciated. I would really like to find a job at a hospital affiliated with a college so I can get my masters and financial assistance. Or any place that pays or helps to pay for continued education. On the public transit line would be great. Any info would be appreciated, salaries for staff nurses, 12 or 8 hour shifts, enviornment, anything you'd like a friend starting at your hospital to know. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to make me less nervous about this huge change!!
  10. rr82080

    Is nursing really for me?

    Reading the posts from people who are brand new nurses almost brings tears to my eyes. I had such a hard time when I first started. I thought about work before during and after. I had nightmares about work. I cried often. I have been a nurse now for three years, and I can't tell you exactly when it gets better but it does. I promise. One day you just realize "dang, I DO have a clue what I'm doing" and its not so bad anymore. I still dream about work sometimes, but I only cry when something really crappy happens to a patient (I work in a trauma ICU). I don't think about work much when I'm home unless something really bad happens. As other posters have mentioned, stop job hopping. If you really can't stand it then ok, but the only way you're going to get a decent nursing job is with a little seniority. Stay in touch with your friends from nursing school, cuz trust me, talking to other newbies will help you. Thay feel the same way you do. Stick it out for a while. If you really can't stand it there are a lot of jobs for nurses that aren't bedside care such as case management and screening for rehab and nursing home services. Please keep your head up, it gets better!
  11. rr82080

    Need a new perspective here....

    Sounds like you've learned from this expirience. One more thing I'd like you to take away from it is: Don't treat your fellow nurses or any other hospital employees the way she treated you. It accomplishes nothing.
  12. rr82080

    Upstate NY Nurse Questions ?

    I also live in upstate NY and I say do it. You get used to the snow. You leave earlier in the morning so you get to work on time. Once or twice a year you get stuck at work late as the next shift trickles in cuz it snowed so bad. Every couple years you get mandated because of snow emergencies, but very rare.