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missanxious's Latest Activity

  1. missanxious

    Quick question to all the nurses out there regarding thank yous

    true. Your appreciation, verbal or written, shows your interest in working with them. More chances of getting hired ^_^
  2. missanxious

    ideas for treats for my floor

    I agree with the poster idea! I would love to eat anything chocolate during work! More sugar More energy lol
  3. missanxious

    Trying to help a classmate that has NCLEX fail round 2

    How about letting her rest for a few months time. Clear the mind from the stress, the troubles and the worries.
  4. missanxious

    chong hua hospital

    I've waited for almost two months :)
  5. missanxious

    chong hua hospital

    initial interview and exam was on the same day, they called for the final interview not more than 3 days since the exam, others had to wait for about 5 days. It depends. But if no contact for 2 wks already, just call the office to make sure if you passed or not ^_^
  6. missanxious

    chong hua hospital

    @iam8 sent you a pm.
  7. missanxious

    I Want to be a Nurse, I Want to Make a Difference

    @gentlegiver "To make a difference on anyone's life makes what we do so satisfying! Thank you for these up-lifing stories, please keep sending them in!" -took the words right out of my mouth.
  8. missanxious

    Dear preceptor

    they say when you have a preceptor like that you tend to get revenge by becoming like her when you get to have students someday.
  9. missanxious

    Top 8 things I hate about being a nurse

    i admire your passion as a nurse!
  10. missanxious

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    uh oh. Now im having second thoughts.
  11. missanxious

    Second Chances

    I've been there. But to wallow in misery gets you nowhere.. That's why we have to keep moving forward and do our very best! @PerelliFNP "the test of success is really how many times you can get up when you are knocked down by life" - so true
  12. missanxious

    Thank you for being my nurse.

    thank you for sharing.. it is very inspiring!
  13. missanxious

    DNA-from a woman who was 115years old

    not sure if i want to live that long. Nice read!
  14. missanxious

    chong hua hospital

    @iam8 yep they called me for the final interview ^_^ how about u? And yes the exam was okay. What is the final interview all about anyway?
  15. missanxious

    chong hua hospital

    ^Let's be friends! What do you look like? haha kiddin I'm also taking the interview and exam this thursday! I'm just confused on why they want to interview me first, coz exam is in the afternoon. Is this how it is usually done? 24 hours till judgment day, I'm tense and anxious ng severe lol i hope i make i'll make till the final step. I heard from a relative that the interview is nursing related/nursing concepts? is it true? Do they make you explain step by step on how this procedure is done etc.? I hope I can at least organize my thoughts well and that they could understand a thing im saying Hope i could get a response.

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