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    Cansema and B17 are helping with cancer...

    I overheard one of the doctor's on my unit (rehab) telling a patient who had asked her about certain herbal combinations he was taking to alleviate MS, that she didn't know that much about herbal remedies, or diet for that matter as they weren't taught about nutrition in medical school. I was tending to another pt. on the other side of screen and my jaw almost dropped when I heard that remark. I talked with the MS patient later about the natural therapies he was taking and showed him how to use the Internet to research the pros and cons of the formuals he was taking. It was so hard, as I was being overly careful not to make any statements that might have been misinterpreted as being diagnostic/prescriptive, and ended up relying facial expressions to convey assent to his additional questions. Does anyone out there feel that there's been any reproachment between the two healing paradigms? Is the allopathic model ready to accept naturopathy as an ally? Are we really focusing on patient centered healthcare, or has it just become even more drug-centered, with an emphasis on management of symptoms, as opposed to finding cures? Are we ready for a whole new way of thinking? I know I am. :) robsta :)