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  1. mochalatte718

    How much does the average LPN make in New Jersey or New York?

    what agency do you work for if u don't mind me asking?
  2. mochalatte718

    Kings Harbor Mulitcare Center, Bronx NY

    i would say def try if for urself but for me its terrible. i went there through an agency they did give like a 4week orientation. but everyone i trained with told me to watch my back constantly every single one of them. it is pretty strict. if ur staff it may b better becuz u can b assigned to a specific floor, if agency u will b floating all over. one night i was on a floor with 60 residents to me one nurse, ridiculous. i gave it 2 tries and never went back, i figured that i don't wanna lose my license. and the mar and tar is on the computer and everything else which i don't like @ all. but to each his own.