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TigerxLiLy has 7 years experience and specializes in LTC-Geriatric-PPS-MDS.

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  1. Hearing Aids

    I don't even bother bringing in my stethoscope to the covid rooms—- usually the cheap one inside does well enough to hear the junk in most of the lungs— plus- most of the med surg covid rooms have those “air filter fans”.
  2. Hearing Aids

    Yep— mine would get twisted in the mask, slinged shot across the room or so much pressure from the mask/shields would cause pressure injury behind my ears.
  3. Hearing Aids

    I use “in the ear canal” hearing aides now— did have the behind the ear- but with the masks they kept flying across the room even when I was trying to be careful 😣😣 (they were 7 years old so I was OK with getting a upgrade) I am using the Eko— i...
  4. Fall/New Admission/SCSA

    Sigh. Completely makes sense - especially with the certification listing the diagnosis/md signing it :). thank you
  5. Fall/New Admission/SCSA

    Kinda sounds like redundancy/annoying the providers with stuff that’s obvious...
  6. Fall/New Admission/SCSA

    Read on a AANAC article that if the D/C summary states that the dx is resolved, we cannot use the diagnosis, even if the main reason needing therapy services - that a MD Query must be completed to support that dx is in fact “active”... — article quot...
  7. Peg and wellness period

    Thank you Talino. I swear i have read the medicare guidelines - guess i just remember reading it- and sorta related it to my corporate office (maybe thought it was their rules.. Who knows) Just ran into this issue when we admitted a new patient from ...
  8. Peg and wellness period

    I have been told that a PEG that is giving a patient 26% or more of daily nutrition is considered a skilled service in a LTC setting. Was told that when the patient uses their 100 days that they would never accrue the 60day wellness period as long a...
  9. Documentation Training

    I am interested in knowing if you guys have tried and true inservice techniques for teaching both CNAs and Nurses the basics of ADL documentation. Trying to find a better/more interactive way of teaching it... With out the audience "snoozing" or "zon...
  10. restorative nursing programs

    Are your RNP goal/interventions coming from therapy at times? Are the interventions/task as specific as these: 1. Perform BUE AROM with 2-3 lb dowell 3x of 10-15reps 2. Engage in SH ladder with 2lb weight x 15 total in sit then progress to stand. 3. ...
  11. RUG meeting disaster today..sigh

    *Venting* We have RUGS meetings every Mon/Wed/Fri per corporate. SS,DOR,restorative, myself the PPS coordinator, Medicare part A nurse (who is suppose to document on and follow their medical progress and do dc planning with family) and either the DON...
  12. skilled nursing documentation guide

    Can you share your guides that you use for your nurses?
  13. Restorative RUG

    Since this discussion is open... Rehab Low requirements Do your faculties mandate that the therapy department transition to RNP with each discipline doing 3 days QOD of 15min(training restorative)? To get a rehab low... It just says 3 days of any co...
  14. medicare A nurse/documentation nurse

    Only RNs care for your Med A's?how does that work? The have their own ward? What's your med A patient:nurse ratio? How do you deal with LTC patients that come back skilled on a different hall?.. Trying to convince my boss to do a ward with just RNs.....
  15. medicare A nurse/documentation nurse

    ...did.. Answer was "I have issues at home and I have not been all there in my head"... I directed her to our DON with that statement.. If you can't focus on the patients because of "home life" then you should not be working.