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  1. Cal State East Bay Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    I didn't know I had that option! Thank you!
  2. Cal State East Bay Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    Hey all, Does anybody know if there are more TEAS test dates to be posted for later this year/early next year?? I just took my TEAS test on Saturday and I didn't do so well I checked this website:
  3. Need some positive words!

    Hey! You're almost there. Just keep everything at a good pace. I know when you're in the moment, everything seems crazy and chaotic. Four words: Been there, done that. Yes, telling yourself that it's worth in the end is a key thing to do when you're ...
  4. ch. 9 muscle tissue

    Hey, I use to visit frequently when I was in A&P. Explore the Muscular System and Muscle Tissue Physiology links on the menu. That information ought to help you out a bit- if not the whole website. I know it ...
  5. TEAs study guide

    Hey! I'm still waiting on my results (took the test on Saturday) but this book really helped me feel prepared. I searched for cheaper places to purchase it, though, like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. I ended up buying mine off eBay for about $50. Goo...
  6. TEAS Test Results?

    Never mind... I found out for myself.
  7. TEAS Test Results?

    Hi Everybody, I just took the TEAS Test this past Saturday. Thing is, I thought that my nerves would die down after the test. Boy, was I wrong. I'm so nervous about my results! I took it on paper, not on the computer. Although taking it on paper has ...
  8. TEAS v. 5 - Science - Diagrams?

    Thanks everybody :hug: I took the TEAS this Saturday and I'm hoping hoping hoping that I got a good score. ~Nessa
  9. TEAS v. 5 - Science - Diagrams?

    Hey all, Does anybody know if there are diagrams on the TEAS v. 5 that we have to label? My TEAS test is this Saturday and I'm SOOOOOO nervous. I feel like no matter what I do, I'm just not prepared! Any advice you have is welcome! Thanks a bunch -Ne...