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  1. NikkiMac

    herzing college

    Herzing is an absolute rip off, they are a "for profit" school. I encourage ANYBODY that is considering Herzing to watch a documentary on Netflix called "College For Profit Schools" before you sign your name to 50,000$ of debt when you can go to a community college that is Nationally accredited, get Pell Grants and spend 12K for a REAL Associate's Degree in Nursing. I was ripped off by Herzing in 1997 and it took me almost 6 years to pay it off and be able to go to a real school.
  2. NikkiMac

    Wallace State nursing spring 2012

    Well I am going to assume that you got in with your 184 points since I got in as well with 161 points Congratulations! see you at orientation on 11/8
  3. NikkiMac

    Help Teas-V Test

    I took the TEAS-V twice, the first time I made a 73% and the second time I made a 63% and it was the SAME test LOL! What's funny is the first time I rushed through it in an hour and the second time I took my time and finished in 2 and a 1/2 hours but scored 10 points less "/ The study guide IS a great tool and the practice tests are identical to the questions on the test. Not everyone gets the same test, there are several versions. The good part is, I got accepted into Nursing school for January 2012 (thank God!) I didn't think I had enough points to get in (161) but I ended up getting in. Good Luck!
  4. I am 33, started college in 2004, went for a year and stopped. Started back in October of 2010, finished all the pre reqs for most any medical program. When I started school in 04 I wanted to be a Nurse, I have wanted to be a Nurse my whole life up until a conversation with my Grandmother who is a retired Dental Hygienist of 50 years. The thing that I like about Dental Hygiene is the fact that you can work part-time if you want to. Most DH's work for several different practices a couple of days per week to get a full week. Is the same true for an RN? I have a couple of weeks before I have to commit to the Nursing program and I definitely want to give another student a chance if I can't make a concrete decision. Thank you for your input :)
  5. I received my acceptance letter in the mail today. Stoked is an understatement more like shocked actually because I only had 161 points accumulated with my grades and TEAS score. I had it in my head since applying that I wouldn't get in considering the cut off for Spring 11' was 165 points. Nonetheless, I am in and very happy! I wasn't expecting the letter until the end of this month because that's when they said they would send them out. I had previously applied to the Dental Hygiene program for Fall 2011 but was #46 and they only take 30 students. Dental Hygiene has always been my first choice with Nursing second, now I am stuck between accepting the Nursing offer or waiting another year to go back to Dental Hygiene which I know I would get in this time around because I have good ACT score and I finished all the pre reqs (I was missing two when I applied the first time) Anyone else out there that is starting the Nursing program at Wallace State Hanceville in the Spring of 2012?