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  1. Tri City medical center

    thanks for the immediate response! :) i'll just visit the hospital then. :)
  2. Tri City medical center

    hello :) im planning to apply in Tri city as well. can you help me complete the requirements needed. thanks in advance for your help!
  3. I'm taking Nclex pn exam on Dec 1st...I am so overwhelmed..please help!

    Hi chuchumikmik.:) sources that are useful for me would be Lacharity, Kaplan question trainer and Saunder's Comprehensive. Saunder's is great for recall and review. It focuses on the important topics a nurse must need to know. Kaplan question train...
  4. Studying for NCLEX

    i agree to all of the replies here..:) i think enrolling in a review course would be helpful because they will teach you on how to attack questions.. for me, KAPLAN strategies helped a lot.. but if you're after about the content review, i think Saund...
  5. I'm taking Nclex pn exam on Dec 1st...I am so overwhelmed..please help!

    hello katrene.. i took the nclex-rn and passed the 1st time.. i'm not sure about how nclex-pn exam goes but as i read your post.. i decided to give some advice as i felt the same anxiety during my review..:) you don't need to panic dear..:) just take...
  6. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    i got the same pop-up! i'm so happy!:) God bless to all of us!
  7. help please!!! nclex and requirement

    yes, shmaylay is right.. you don't need to pass the NLE if you're an american citizen.. california will just require you to have your SSN which i think you have since you're a citizen.. :)
  8. Passed NCLEX First Try

    congratulations! i've had the same feelings too.. the day before the exam, i just couldn't sleep.. i guess all of us are not that nervous in taking the exam but excited in getting our license! congrats again!:yeah: