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    decide to start a nursing career at 40!!

    Hi Biscuit, just wanted to wish you good luck with school this fall. I am starting with my prereqs this fall too. I am trying to get into a 2 year program. The school that I'm going to requires an entrance exam, which I took last Saturday. Do you you have to take one of those too? There are different scores for each of the programs and nursing has one of the highest scores. I passed the writing part, but was a little short on the other two (reading and math), needed a 44 in reading and got a 42. I could just kick myself, but at the same time I'm proud of how close I got (finished high school 21 years ago). I will now have to go to the "Learning Center" and brush up on some stuff there, but I guess I can still take up to 12 credits until they sign me off on the math and the reading. If you have to take a test like that find out if there is a place at your school where you can prep for the test. I did that before I even took the test and it helped. E-mail me and lets stay in touch. Silvia [This message has been edited by Silvia (edited July 12, 2000).]
  2. Hi Wendy. No, you are not alone. I'm 37, married, and I have 3 girls. I am just starting out with my prereqs this fall. It's pretty scary. Silvia