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  1. HLT (able exam)

    So happy for you!!!! To be honest I found it to be super difficult but I am very glad to hear that you passed!!!! Hope to connect with you in the future Congratulations!!
  2. HLT (able exam)

    I Hope it goes well!!
  3. Can LPN's administer botox and fillers

    I'm so glad you had a great experience!
  4. HLT (able exam)

    I want to share my update! The test, as I was told was suppose to be super easy... It was actually extremely difficult. The pass rate is really high so I had high hopes that it would be a piece of cake..nope. But, I passed!! With a 77% but I'll take ...
  5. HLT (able exam)

    Hi Mel7! Have you had a chance to take the test yet? I plan to go in hopefully Monday :)
  6. HLT (able exam)

    Oh good I rented a similar book! Wish I had purchased it to be able to access the online questions, but thankfully there are a lot of good online sites. FYI, it looks like the LPN-RN program deadline changed to May 14th instead of the 21st which I ju...
  7. Can LPN's administer botox and fillers

    The VA Board of Nursing wrote me back. I will elaborate later, but LPN's can administer Fillers and Botox! Per email response that I received. Their are no rules or regulations directly confirming one to be able to administer specifically Fillers and...
  8. HLT (able exam)

    Hi MEL7! I actually called today and they said that in the last 2 weeks they have changed the requirements so that you do NOT need a pass :) Just walk into the testing center room 344 and they will get you all set up to begin. I have not yet taken...
  9. HLT (able exam)

    I would like to share the little bit of information that I was finally able to track down.... The NOVA website was not helpful at all in providing information, but I was finally able to get ahold of someone who was kindly able to answer a few of my ...
  10. Hi Everyone! I have worked in the cosmetic/plastic/reconstructive industry for 8 years now in the state of Virginia. I have thoroughly searched the VA board of nursing website to see if there are specific rules and regulations regarding whether or n...
  11. NVCC HLT 141 ABLE Exam

    Hi! I know this question was posted several years ago. But I am wondering if you ended up taking the able exam and how you did? And what I can expect as I am planning to take it as well. Thank you! -Ashley
  12. HLT (able exam)

    Hello, Has anyone taken the HLT 141 ABLE Exam given by NVCC? If so can you give me a heads up, what to study, and useful study guides out there? I'm not really sure what to expect for the exam.. I am an LPN, and I feel like I know a great deal of m...
  13. You are doing great, Confidence comes in time... I've been a nurse for 2 1/2 yrs now and I still question myself often.