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lynn3566 has 1 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. lynn3566

    Adapting to Corrections

    first off.. forgive my lazy typing. so I've been an lpn for 10 years. I've worked in snf, home health and most recently was a 3 year stretch in ltac. I just landed a job with a compant that supplies jails and psych places with nurses. im at a county jail right now. It's so different than anything I've experienced. I have a lot to learn about illicit drug use and withdrawals from alcohol and street drugs. my real concern is that it seems like there is less urgency with certain conditions and it pisses me off. like someone with orders to monitor bp bid for a week and I get pulled from prebook to pods becaise were short. I get to this guy needing vitals during med pass and bp is some ridiculous *** like 190/123. had the guy have a seat and come back at the end of the line to recheck manually. 188/116. better but still dangerous. looking at vitals history and I see every bp x6 days is outrageous like that. this person has untreated HTN and I was told not to put the guy on the line for the doc the next morning, which is what I did (I wanted to call the doc at 2100 for a x1 dose of clonidine or anything for that matter to bring it down but im not supposed to call because its not a reason to call according to our guide on when to wake the provider), and I was told to put in a referal with a request to have provider check the chart. well last time I put in a provider urgent referral, it took 3 days. im just not OK with it. thoughts?
  2. lynn3566

    Can a nurse work with marijuana?

    Ive been an LPN for nearly 10 years. I started going back to school to refresh a few prereqs to obtain my ADN. Lately however I have become turned off by the nursing field and have thought about leaving nursing. It feels like we are expendable and unappreciated. My current place of work was my dream come true and the relationships I have formed over the last several years make my co-workers feel more like family than piers. New management has changed things. Nobody is happy.. we don't get supported. Family members, patients and new doctors that have come into play have turned our utopia into hell. I live in a state where recreational marijuana is permitted. I'm an avid gardener and I have seen the many health benefits that medical marijuana has on pain and patients with cancer that are receiving chemo. I guess long story summarized... (well not really I suppose lol) Can a nurse work in the medical marijuana field if I don't partake in the product? Apparently there is special licensing that must be obtained prior to working in one of these places whether its growing, selling or managing. I don't know if this would be something that can be accessed by a potential employer should I decide to go back to nursing or try to stay on PRN. Has anybody heard about this or know somebody that has done this?
  3. lynn3566

    Need some advice on my Dansko shoes!

    I did the same thing. The second I got my license I bought myself a pair of dansko clogs. I loved how they looked but they were not comfortable after a long day. No to mention the height of the platform would give way for my whole foot to tilt sideways and inward causing me to stumble with my ankle hitting the ground.. kinda like wearing heels that are too tall. (wierd right? maybe im just not used to heels) Not to mention that they are not convenient to run in during an emergency. It felt like I had to grip my toes in them to keep them from fallin off.. kinda like sandals. I gave them up finally and went with a pair of super cushiony sneekers with arch support. My feet feel great after a long day. And let me tell you.. I rarely get a second to sit so thats quite an accomplishment.
  4. lynn3566

    My CNAs dont seem to respect me...

    Theres actually more to this problem that I didn't originally mention and some of the posts Ive seen are bringing up some points that I'm forgetting. I know some people want to refer to the nurse aid staff as equals and to a certain extent I can agree with that because its true that I couldn't do my job without them, but ultimately I'm the one responsible for what does and doesn't happen. And I do show appreciation and point out strengths when I see them. However, when I have to constantly remind people of certain tasks that need to be done on a daily basis it starts to get pretty old. I feel like I have to hold their hands and babysit which makes my job a heck of a lot harder. When I get wacky vitals like a temp of 95.2 or vitals on an entire hall that are way to similar it doesn't really show knowledge or skill on their part. I had one person standing around the nurses station last night whining about how they would never be able to get their job done if a certain resident kept calling to go to the bathroom (um.. hello? that IS your job! we are there for the resident! and besides.. you cant get your job done by standing around and whining). Maybe I'm not taken seriously because I'm too nice and am not showing good enough leadership skills. Maybe I need to take a course in management.
  5. lynn3566

    2 new grads in charge?

    You're doing the right thing by taking your time and making sure that you do it correctly. Learn it the right way and speed will come with time. All the other gal is doing is learning how to screw up with speed.
  6. lynn3566

    My CNAs dont seem to respect me...

    I agree ISIS.. and I think they should include a business management course in the nursing curriculum.
  7. lynn3566

    New to night shift

    I also blacked out the windows in my bedroom and earplugs were a must.. you dont realize how many children and dogs are on your block till youre trying to sleep all day. I also make sure to stop drinking anything with caffeine about 3 hours before the end of shift so that its not keeping me awake when I get home. I ended up retaining the same sleep schedule even on my days off which helped tons! Its very hard to switch back and forth from days to nights on a weekly basis. Melatonin before bed helped me for a little while but ultimately I ended up getting a script for ambien which I dont recommend.. that should be a last resort. Oh and before you spend money on new curtains, try a sleep mask if you can tolerate having something on your face while you sleep. I did that for a while and it worked as well.
  8. lynn3566

    My CNAs dont seem to respect me...

    Are u sure you dont work at the same facility ISIS C? That sounds awfully familiar! I need to figure out how to fix this issue before my DON comes down on me.. since ultimately we get held responsible for the actions of our CNAs. Is it too late to go to beauty school?
  9. lynn3566

    2.5% annual raise - should I be as irritated as I am?

    Id be happy with any raise at this point.. my salary increase from CNA to LPN at my facility happened 2 months after my annual review and they wont give me a raise because they are considering that to be my raise for the year.. but that means I lose out till my next review. This really bites.
  10. Ive been a nurse for only a year now and Im finding it very difficult to gain the respect of several of my CNAs. Im not sure how to gain control of my floor and the nurse that usually works with me sees the same problems. I know that the aids work hard.. I used to be one at this LTC.. so I know the job well and I know what needs to be done. Im a nurse that is always willing to jump in and help out with toileting, transferring, feeding, vitals and any other job that the CNAs regularly do so its not like Im asking them to do anything that I wont do myself. Im frequently met with negativity and rudeness when asking for a job to be done, Im hearing aids speaking inappropriately about certain residents in patient care areas, and when I approach someone and try to correct the behavior or issue it falls on deaf ears. I dont know how to take control and get my floor working as a team.. Im so tired of how things are at work right now that I just want to quit but I know that if I dont learn to gain the trust and respect of my aids now that this problem will likely follow me elsewhere.can anyone give me advise? Has anyone else had this issue?

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