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CCFCP has 12 years experience and specializes in Corrections.

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  1. Med Pass in Juvenile facility

    im running into something similar in my jail. im in an adult facility and we have a number of patients turning up covid positive. for the time being we are being told to pass meds cell by cell instead of them being called to the line (to the door of ...
  2. Pre-pour in jail

    So as we all know, Covid is really throwing a wrench in how we do things. My jail is just starting to see a large number of cases and we were recently told that we have to pass meds cell by cell in each dayroom. This means pre-pouring as the cart can...
  3. Adapting to Corrections

    first off.. forgive my lazy typing. so I've been an lpn for 10 years. I've worked in snf, home health and most recently was a 3 year stretch in ltac. I just landed a job with a compant that supplies jails and psych places with nurses. im at a county ...
  4. Can a nurse work with marijuana?

    Ive been an LPN for nearly 10 years. I started going back to school to refresh a few prereqs to obtain my ADN. Lately however I have become turned off by the nursing field and have thought about leaving nursing. It feels like we are expendable and un...