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  1. Pearsonvue Trick

    JohnnyV I did the NCLEX SEP 24, got that message and have since received the letter from the Board that I did in fact pass. So it seems that all is well with you. Congrats.
  2. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    Finally got result, yea!!! I passed, yippee!!Thank you Lord. Good luck to all who are still waiting for results, believe in PVT, it told me I passed when I was doubtful and it proved to be correct.
  3. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    I am still waiting, took PN test on 24SEP, why Calif makes us wait so long. I also check BON everyday and nothing. This wait is deafening Congrats to all who already have their official results . Thank god for PVT:up: or I would have gone crazy.
  4. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    Is it only only 3 days in California for RN? Wow!!! The post above said exam was on 27SEP and name posted by 30th. Well well.
  5. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    This wait is killing me(CA...SEP 24th)...but good pop-up is still there.
  6. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    I did the NCLEX-PN on SAT, Sep 24 at 12pm. Got cut off at 85 questions and got a sudden headache. I have never seen so many SATA and prioritize questions. OMG, I left after doing the survey, went to my car, called my friend from school and started ...