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  1. maggie04

    Prereqs online? HELP!

    Hey everyone, I swear to you, I have probably spent 40+ hours searching the Internet for this answer and I am feeling so defeated. I want to apply to a post-bacc accelerated BSN program, but I need to take a few classes: A&P/stats/nutrition/micro. I work full time and can’t do normal in-person full semester classes. Well, not CAN’T, but won’t. I need to continue to make my full-time income right now. And I know there are programs like Marian University that have their MAP program which allows you to take all prereqs at an accelerated pace online through them. But my question is, what if I want to apply to multiple schools?? I want to take my prereqs online and have them be accepted at multiple schools in numerous different states. Any recommendations where I can take online courses and not be worried about them transferring and being accepted? This is my ONE complaint about Post-bacc programs... they don’t offer any assistance for the prereqs, they just say “must have them done with a 3.0”. But I don’t know where and how!! Especially when I’m not 100% sure where I’ll end up going! Not knowing how or where to take prereqs has stopped me from going back to school for years, and I finally just need some advice and help! THANKS EVERYONE!
  2. maggie04

    St Kate's Post-Bacc Questions!!

    Hello nurses! I received my Bachelor's degree in Biology from Winona State University in 2008. I have since then worked in a laboratory setting in both a hospital, and a smaller private company. I so desperately want to go back to school to become a nurse, and St. Kates seems to be the ONLY program that will allow me to do so while still keeping my day job. I have read over the post-bacc program info on the St. Kates website a million times, and plan to attend the info session in November, but I still have some questions for any of you who have been accepted! I understand it is competitive, but what do you think they are really looking for when they accept someone? Will my science/hopsital background give me an advantage? I have so many ideas for my essay letter in my application, what do you think I should focus on? I have a 3.0 from my previous degree. I know some of you had higher than that... does GPA have a big impact on acceptance criteria? Thank you all so much!!

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