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  1. mmsgurl18

    OCC 2014/2015 Accepted to ADN Program - NETWORKG

    I'm taking Pharmacology this semester too!! I'm in the Monday 10 am class. SO nervous and excited! =]
  2. mmsgurl18

    On campus DNP programs??

    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone who has experience attending a DNP program can give me some tips on where to look into if I'm looking for On-campus programs that are either bridge programs going from ADN-DNP (the ones I am finding that are ADN-DNP are online, sadly) or BSN-DNPs. Also... would that be a good route to take if I had the opportunity to? ADN-DNP? I know that it doesn't grant you a bachelor's and you go straight from an Associate's to a Doctorate, which might be an issue.. Where did you get your DNP? How was your experience? What route did you take? I'm an international student so I can't take any online classes, they have to be on-campus. Unfortunately maaaaany ADN-BSN/MSN/DNP programs are online because people work :'( I graduate from my ADN program in 2 years! I have no idea what my next steps are.
  3. mmsgurl18

    RN/BSN to DNP programs [on campus?]

    Hi! I've been trying to find some programs that offer an on-campus RN-DNP curriculum, but many of them are all online. Do you guys know of any that might be on campus? If that is something that might be really difficult to find, are there any programs that are BSN-DNP that are not online? I'm asking because I can't do online programs (international student) and I can maybe only take one online class per semester. I know I could've looked this up online but the reason I decided to post this question is because I am not sure about the credibility of some of the programs I am finding on Google. I will be starting an ADN program this semester, so I still have two more years to figure out my goal. I want to be a Nurse Practitioner ultimately, but I want to take the shortest route to that, just so I can get a start on my career.. Thanks! -T
  4. mmsgurl18

    OCC Nursing Acceptance Procedure

    Hey! =) I applied to the nursing program this semester as well. They changed the procedure to where they have a point system to see where you rank/how many points you have (this is based on what your grade is in each class, how many times you repeated it, and how many courses you took at OCC) I believe this form is available on the OCC Nursing website.. you can also go over it with a counselor. Letters of acceptance are sent out in March, and if you get in, that's when you have to submit the drug test etc, not before then. Most people register for Pharmacology during the summer when they get their acceptance so they can get that class out of the way because otherwise it gets difficult to manage it in the fall with other stuff. I hope I answered your questions.. good luck!! Hope we both get in!=)
  5. mmsgurl18

    OCC Nursing program

    OCC is just costing me less money that's why Also... I found out what their new policies are. Now they are only counting the composition 1 and 2 and the bios (micro, a&p1 and 2 and i think another bio class im not sure) in the GPA for nursing (so you get your As in that) and the rest of the 8 or so classes it doesnt matter what your grades are (but obviously it would be nice if you could ace them too) then they said they are implementing reading comprehension with the math test, you only get 2 tries, and you have to pay for it... and also you have to score more than 75%. I think that was it. I got a paper from the counseling office and that's what it said..
  6. mmsgurl18

    OCC Nursing program

    Hi, I am a pre-Nursing student at OCC taking all my pre-reqs. This is my first semester at OCC. All the posts on this website are kinda freaking me out about the program, even though I am determined to get into it. I am just wondering if anyone has been to any information sessions this year? If not, are you planning on going to one? I'm going to the one in March.. but since I can't wait that long I wanted to know if anyone knows what their new admission policies might possibly include? I hope it doesn't say "perfect 4.0 AND ---" but rather "It's okay to get an A- in a class as long as you ---" Thanks :)

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