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  1. audballscow

    School with a surrendered license?

    I have surrendered my license and can not practice nursing for 2 years due to an addiction. I would like to go back to school and complete what I originally set out to do and that is to get my bsn and be wound and is ostomy certified. Since I have the time to do it now.....does anyone know if I can attend an Rn-BSN program without an active license but education background? Not sure I've posted in the right area.
  2. audballscow

    Help with a "Position" paper

    Im in my final semester of nursing school and one of the papers we have to write is a "Position" paper. We need to pick a topic and present it to our school academic advisors, choose a side and support it. There job is to argue it and see if I can stand with my position on the topic. Problem is, I am the most easy going person in the world and support everything, im having the hardest time finding a topic. I know the broad ones like abortion or assisted suicide. I'd like a procedural topic. If you have something else I would really love to hear it. Ps. My ultimate goal is to be a wound care nurse, any topics on this specialty would be awsome. THanks!

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