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  1. in my humble opinion

    An Open Letter to (Micro)Managers

    re: BSN. ohmygosh, did anyone hear that "pop"? that was the sound of the utterly useless bsn program going the way of the diploma nurse and the dodo bird. it's a scam to get 2 more years of tuition out of gullible students who will be few and far between in seeing any compensation for the effort and debt. i have no grief in someone with less education being my superior... if in fact he/she is a superior nurse or superior manager, and not being all-knowing myself, i've seen quite a dang few who were. and some who weren't. meh. whaddayagonnado? at the end of the day, i truely reckon it is the nursing disciple which drags the body of the slumbering bohemoth of the health care system along against incredible efforts by medicine, management, administration, insurances (anyone who knows the words feel free to sing along here) to hobble it's own prize pig. thanks for listening (if anyone did) to an old gal vent. now i gotta go poop.
  2. in my humble opinion

    Doctors call for pullback on narcotics for chronic pain

    blimey, try telling that to jcaho, who started the whole "pain free" myth/expectation and rules.the.roost.

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