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  1. caxandra

    Batch 2009 applying in Saudi

    Hi! I want to apply as a nurse for Saudi. How much did they offer you for the salary? And how much is the placement fee. Hope you could help me with this. Thanks!
  2. caxandra

    Kuwait MOH

    That's too bad! Can you recommend then an alternative country where I can apply. I think I cant wait that long. I need to earn money asap. How about Saudi? Thanks!
  3. caxandra

    Kuwait MOH

    @Dinx, you mean to say they will get our original passport and will stay with them from the time we will take the exam? will they keep it even after the exam?
  4. caxandra

    Kuwait MOH

    @Dinx: Thanks a lot for that info. I will apply through ADM then. I need an agency with assurance since I would be borrowing money for the placement if ever I will be hired so it is a must that I am given a job asap. I hope all will be well with your application.
  5. caxandra

    Kuwait MOH

    Can I sit in on 2 MOH exams by two different agencies? Thanks! Bestone will have MOH exam on Oct8 and ADM on Oct 10. Is it ok to attend both? Please advice me. Thanks!
  6. caxandra

    Kuwait MOH

    This thread is very informative. Thanks to all who contributed.

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