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    first soc visit disaster

    Hi I wondered if anyone out there would be willing to share their first experiences in HH. I did my first solo start of care over the weekend and felt it went so bad. The nursing care end was fine since I've been a med surg hospital nurse for years. I'm just entering the world of HH and it's so different. The process is what killed me! Everything went pretty well until there were some questions about the orders and protocols that I wanted to clarify. The doctor was very nice, but questioned why I called when I had the protocol. The items in question were not on the protocol or orders so he clarified, making sure I knew no one had ever had to call him before. OK, I felt stupid. There was questions about some equipment I was unsure of (feeling stupid #2), but we were able to find out later in the visit. Another member of our service came while I was there so I charted while I waited. They had gone in a different area of the home when my family member calls me with a family semi-emergency. I tried to hide in the corner to handle it praying no one heard me apologizing to my family member why I couldn't leave at that moment. I had to secure phone numbers and call back, etc. I should've went outside, but it caught me so off guard. I was taking so long with the visit I lost track of time. What a mess. I seriously felt like a new grad all over again. Even though I'm clinically sound in the hospital, this process through me for a loop! So kudos to all you HH nurses. I never realized how challenging this could be. Praying the next one goes smoother.

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