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  1. hgfuturenp

    GPA requirements

    I recently went to an info session at a local university and they talked about taking graduate classes like : advanced pharm, patho, health assessment and of course making an A in them and then applying This shows that you can take graduate level courses and how much growth you have acquired over the years. hth
  2. Hello from a new allnurses poster. I've been lurking on this site for years and finally registered! Sitting here at 3am with strained/dry eyes and no sleep as I glance over my essay for the upteenth time, which has been filtered through my local writing lab, countless friends, online editing program.... And Im still super hesitant on just going ahead and submitting it I come here in pursuit of ANY insight on how to improve/embellish the essay any way I can. I can also email it to any of guys if anyone is willing to read it??? :) What both schools are basically asking for: Address the specific specialty area you would like to pursue as well as the population you plan to serve. Your specific research interests in this specialty area. Based on your professional experience, specify qualities that you feel are essential to nursing. What do you hope to be doing professionally five years from now? Include current/past clinical experiences in the related field Any help????? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!
  3. hgfuturenp

    University of Maryland SON FNP Fall 2011

    I'm wondering if it's pretty pointless to even apply to the umb fnp program for fall 2012 if so many are on the waiting list?? (still applying and keeping my trembling fingers crossed) i'm also applying to hopkins for fall 2012, which is just if not more competitive..... and don't know of any other programs in the area besides coppin state good luck to those of you on the waiting list for spring/fall 2012!!

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