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  1. Chrissy2003RN

    HIPAA violation???

    I had a patient who said he didn't want visitors....and no, it wasn't right, but this family and patient was a very difficult one and they wore me down over the three days I had him. So, at the end of my three day stretch, he got mad, said he didn't want any visitors. It was Christmas Eve, I let his family walk back to give him a stocking. And he said (rightfully so) that he felt like I violated his rights. I felt so bad right then, my judgment was clouded. And I know it wasn't right. I would and will never do it again. But now it has gotten take to HR, by a fellow employee and my manager, as a HIPAA violation and that could be grounds for termination. Does this seems like a HIPAA violation? I didn't share any info. I read our policy, and they leave room for interpretation, probably for things like this. But any person I work with would be surprised that this is considered a HIPAA violation. It wasn't malicious, for personal gain or anything. So I am just wonder what other people think? I am not really wanting to ask anyone at work. The patient and his family DID NOT file a formal complaint, it was just something he said at the time. So that is in my favor. But I am so scared for my family, my job and my career/license. I am the sole bread winner. I'm afraid to let my husband and children down. And can't bear to tell my husband. He would be so disappointed. I already feel so bad. My manager said she would fight for me to keep my job. That i may just get a high level of corrective action. Which I can live with that. Just don't want to lose a job I love and a license I worked so hard for.
  2. Chrissy2003RN

    Feelings on becoming Certified Psych RN

    I have been working on an Acute in-patient Psychiatric Unit at a very large inner city hospital since June (full-time in August, prn before that.) Does anyone have any personal experience at being a certified psych RN? Was just looking at the requirements, and it is something to work for. Just wonder if anyone had any knowledge or feelings on the matter? Ever since I have started, I feel like I Just want to learn so much about Psych and really focus on it. I know It learned it in school, but until you practice it, especially when I thought I would never work in Psych, I can't see wanting to leave. :)
  3. Chrissy2003RN

    Psych RN: "My husband is bipolar"

    I may have mentioned my husbands sickness at work once or twice, to two people I know aren't ones to talk, but listen. My husband is bipolar. He doesn't take medication. He is very grandiose, loose associations, flight of ideas, preoccupied with his spirituality and working on his faith; and working hard at his job. And I work on faith in myself and him; through God-I am able to conquer this. But I wonder how ironic it is; I work as a Psych nurse in the biggest Inner City around. Most ER visits every year I am too close to attempt to be any help, in a professional way. I just let him be him as best I can. The stronger I get and the deeper we are. I am slow with change-I am a stubborn Leo. But this only applies at home. And just sometimes. We had an amazing wedding ceremony. I could only look at him, and him at me. We laughed, played Rock, paper, scissors; he lit the unity candle with a blow torch (he's a chef!) and I called him out on it before we even pulled our lighters out. He had his hid after his crappy lighter didn't work. He waited for me at the end of the aisle and walked down with me. Any ways, I am just wondering what is thought about this. It has my curiosity some. He is my hubby always and forever.
  4. Chrissy2003RN

    Clogged G-tube

    It was a G-tube. It wasn't pulled out, i could have tried to re-insert it. But there was no unclogging it, tried milking it, tried coke. And it was a kind of G-tube I have never seen before. I won't know what happened until tomorrow night when I go back, but I'm sure he was sent out. Next time I'll call the Dr and or the unit manager. It is a learning experience. And he wasn't in distress. I just felt so badly about it. Yes, I need to review the policies. And Yes, I will check on his G-tube earlier in the shift, as to catch any issues quicker. Thanks for all the help and support!!!
  5. Chrissy2003RN

    Clogged G-tube

    Ok, so I have been working for about 3 weeks at a LTC facility. 2 weeks on my own. Last night One of my residents G-tubes was leaking and apparently clogged. The aide never told me it was leaking, so from the time I got this patient at 11, until the time I went to give him meds at 4a, it could have been clogged the whole time. I had no idea. So I tried to flush it, i tried pulling back. tried a bunch of things, several time. called the supervisor over, she tried. We tried for about 30 minutes. I kept asking her if we should send him out. We are both new, been at this place about the same amt of time as me. She states that we will just wait until Day shift comes in and ask them what the protocol is for this. I was thinking he needed to be sent out. There was nothing we could do. So day shift comes in. They aren't happy. I have never met the unit manager before today, and this is the scenario in which we have to meet. I am not trying to pass the buck....to the on coming shift or the supervisor. But she told me it was her call. Then I am trying to chart it, i'm tired because i hadn't slept in two days. and I started to chart terribly. Just not how I normally would. I couldn't even think straight. But I knew what I put, it wasn't correct. So this manager says something about it...rightfully so, but I cry. Embarrassing! She tells me what to put. And then tries to attack the school i went to. She asked where I went. I wouldn't tell her, that is irrelevant to the situation at hand. I just feel bad...needed to vent. and hear some comments...
  6. Chrissy2003RN

    9 days of orientation in skilled LTC...now on my own HELP

    I got 4 nights of orientation. The first two were totally useless, they weren't even on my unit. The last two were on my unit. They weren't willing to give me anymore than that. And they had me do all four nights in a row, 12 hour shifts. I am finding it challenging also. I work nights. We have a lot of people that get just a prilosec at 6am. That annoys me, because its just a hassle when I think they Dr just gets a kick back from the Rx company. Personally, if I have to give the people who just get a prilosec one time a day, I'll give it a little early. Its not anything that needs to be spaced out. But agreed, we have licenses to protect!!!
  7. Chrissy2003RN

    New Grad, No Job experience, How to find a job.

    I am to a new grad. I had to get a job at a LTC facility. It is definitely not my first choice. I have done my fair share of complaining about it. But that has done me no good. So I have to suck it up and look at the positives. It's hard, I work nights when I never have. I have 40-50 patients. The med passes are huge. Hopefully with a little time and experience, not only will I feel better and improve. But I will be able to get a job elsewhere. This was absolutely my last resort. Good luck!!!!

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