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  1. Brenda Bailey

    stethoscope for bte hearing aids

    Thanks to AuDDOc for all your help and suggestions. I picked up my I-Com to use with my Phonak BTE hearing aids. It works great! Like you said, there is a cord that goes from the I-Com to the headphone port on the Cardionics e-scope. I am so happy with this. My patients are interested in the techology I use, and are always supportive. I hope that everyone who wrote in finds a stehoscope and the right combination of equipment to make this happen for them. Just don't let hearing problems stand in the way of your dreams.
  2. Brenda Bailey

    stethoscope for bte hearing aids

    Thanks for the input on using the e-scope with the BTE. I have read about the boot. Does that stay on the hearing aid, or just at work? How does it fit on? I have FM built into my hearing aids, and we are going to try connecting my scope with I-Com. I see my audiologist again next week. Thank you for the helpful info. Just remember everbody, there is a lot of technology out there to help those of us with hearing problems. It doesn't replace your ears, but with the right person helping you, it can be the next best thing. I love my hearing aids!
  3. Brenda Bailey

    stethescopes for hearing-impaired

    Stethosocpe for hearing impaired. I have used the Cardionics E-Scope for 8 years now with great results. I have found Cardionics a reliable company to work with as far as questions or repairs. Since I now have hearing aids, I use the model with headphones. It is expensive, but has been well worth the money for me. I am a Respiratory Therapist and listening to breath sounds is an essential part of my job. Brenda

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