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  1. Natal4rmNepal

    I pay to hear the instructor... not your stories (rant. beware)

    I'd go straight to the professor either before class or after class and discuss with him/her the problem privately. I've had people in my class before asking stupid questions on purpose to get a reaction out of the class and it was an insult to me that I had to put up with it. It was frustrating,especially considering the fact that I was PAYING to hear a lecture, and instead getting someone's story that Im not at all interested in. If the issue isnt addressed in a timely manner, I'd just speak up and ask who ever is talking to save it for another time or after class. Always remember that you are paying for the class time, never accept an environment that is detrimental to your learning.
  2. Natal4rmNepal

    Starting classes 10/25.. Any advice? :)

    Hmm.. Advice... I found that through nursing school the biggest thing that helped me was to learn who I was as a student, and what were the procedures and study skills that fit into my learning styles. It was all a learning experience, and if you dont know what works for you, just try different things and learn as you go. I found that with me it DID help to read everything I could get my hands on pertaining to the lesson of the day before class started. I would read the entire chapter, define vocabulary words on index cards, write out the review questions in the back of the chapter if there are any, print out any powerpoints available to you by the teacher and try to rewrite notes using your own language. If I was studying a body system, it would help if I would draw what I was trying to learn like say the path urine takes through the nephron, or what are the steps of circulation the blood makes through the heart, etc. Try to be as organized as possible, it'll help tremendously. Make a study schedule and STICK TO IT!! I started out with one hour a day, and as time came for exams/finals, I'd up it to two hours a day. But that's just me, you might need more or you might need less. I would find a family member who would be willing to spend some time with me and quiz me on certain questions or definitions to help solidify it in my head. Hopes this helps :) Let us know how your first day goes! - Natalie

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