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  1. kwash77

    Any nurses out there graduate knowing everything?

    Being overwhelmed is normal. Try to set a specific amount of time to study and then take short breaks in between. I found that to be very helpful. Don't try to overload your brain with information. Personally, nursing school taught me a lot but you never really know what it's really like to be a nurse until you're on the floor. Clinicals is totally different than being fully responsible for your own patients. It took me several months to fully adjust and develop my routine and still I ask for help and input when I find myself second guessing certain things. I can't stress enough when I say time management is EVERYTHING. It really helps if you have a schedule and routine while in school AND when you're practicing as a nurse. Just remember, study hard, but don't forget to treat yourself here and there :)
  2. kwash77

    Are any of you loyal?

    I totally get where you're coming from. But, a lot of the people I graduated with has showed persistence, keeping in contact with recruiters and nurse managers, and applied to certain places and were hired as new grads with no experience. I graduated with an ASN, no nursing experience and got hired on an Obstetrics unit in the hospital. The same thing happened to a friend of mine who got hired at the ICU, and another on an Oncology unit. All 3 positions stated that they did not want new grads. But, with a great resume, multiple nerve wrecking interviews and tremendous persistence, we all got called back and hired. Some people also say it's "who you know" but I personally didn't know anyone prior to working with them. Don't be discouraged.
  3. If you're willing to move to Virginia, there's a place in Newport News called the Hampton Roads Specialty Hospital that hire mostly LPNs. I would call and inquire. A lot of nursing homes also are willing to hire new grads if you don't mind using that as a stepping stone and gaining experience from those types of facilities.
  4. kwash77

    I need some input and recommendations!

    Preferably somewhere close to the Hampton Roads area, especially if I have to be on campus for some reason. Full time or Part time. I only work 3 days a week so full time is definitely an option.
  5. Hello everyone! I am currently an RN, graduated last May and was lucky enough to start my first job as a nurse on an OB/GYN unit. I'm satisfied with it but I really want to continue my education. I'm looking for a school that offers an RN to BSN online program in Virginia. There's so many to pick from that I'm a little overwhelmed searching! Any suggestions? Reviews? Past experience? I'm really looking forward to hearing your responses :)

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