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  1. abrunck

    "Interviewed" a few days ago... am I hired?

    Thanks for the reply! The manager told me that a lot of the nurses were hired on in 2010 since they put in more beds. The one I was with in clinical my junior year was a newer nurse, but she really likes the unit. The nurse I was with for my Capstone is from Illinois (this hospital is 3 hours away, in Indiana). What she does is works weekends, stays at a motel during her shifts and goes home during the week. She absolutely LOVES the unit and patients and has been on this particular unit for 27 years! I have not heard anything bad around the unit, but the patient acuity is a little higher (leaning toward progressive care sometimes), so that could make work a little more challenging than another med/surg floor. Maybe when I shadow, I can ask the nurse she puts me with more about the unit and how she feels about the floor. But yeah, great point with the being careful.. I know they like a two year commitment too.
  2. I'm a patient care intern/tech (PCI) for a hospital and have worked there for a year.. I applied to the organ transplant unit at the same hospital (different floor) the day I graduated and got a call the very next day to schedule an interview.I also did a year of clinicals on the unit and fell in love with it! I did a semester of med/surg and my Capstone (senior final clinical) on the unit. When I got to my interview, the manager on the floor talked to me about the patient acuity and population, the doctor/nurse relationship on the floor, how the nurses schedule, the orientation process, etc. She walked me around the unit and introduced me to some of the staff. Weird part? She NEVER asked any interview questions!! Not one! Just the "do you have any questions for me?" question. She asked if I had passed my boards and I said, '' I have not scheduled to take the boards yet, I'm still waiting on my ATT number. I applied, but wasn't expecting a call so soon." And she said that since I work as a PCI, I am treated a little differently.. that I could work as a tech on the floor until I take my boards. She also wanted me to come in next week to shadow with a nurse and then email her after to let her know how it went and if I still want to work for the floor. She said that since I did 2 clinicals on the floor and still wanna work there, she knows that I already have a special place in my heart for these patients and would be a good fit for the floor. So she never said whether or not I was hired or what, so I emailed her thanking her for the interview and asked when I would know if I had the position on the floor? She never responded, so I guess I'll email her again after I shadow.. What does this mean?
  3. I have an interview at the end of this week for a position as an RN on the organ transplant unit.. It's my first interview for a registered nurse position (I work as a student tech on a different unit). Can anyone give me ideas as to some of the questions they might ask and how I should prepare for this interview? Thanks so much! I appreciate it!
  4. abrunck

    Which floor is best to start on after graduation?

    Thanks! Do you think it will get me the experience I will need to go on in school for nurse practitioner?
  5. I work as a tech on a surgical floor. There are lots of drains, tubes, wounds, feedings, etc.. plus a lot of work to do pre/post surgically, like bowel preps, ambulation, IS, etc.. I like the floor okay and the staff is great! But it is a very difficult floor to work on, difficult days. I know I would learn a lot by staying on as a nurse, maybe more than any other floor. I have done a few clinicals and my Capstone clinical on the Organ Transplant Unit.. I am in love with it! I am very intrigued by the whole process and care of organ transplant patients. I have learned a lot about organ transplant and have really enjoyed it. It is also a med/surg type of floor. I emailed both managers and both seem interested in me, probable job placement for me on either unit. I'm just not sure which way to go! My end goal is to go to grad school and be a nurse practitioner. Which floor do you think I should go on? I'll learn basic med surg either floor, but I'll definitely learn more on the surgical floor. I just know I'll enjoy transplant so much more!

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