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Mississippi RN has 6 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Family/Primary Care.

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  1. Mississippi RN

    Rheumatology NP

    I'm an FNP student graduating in December and was wondering about jobs in Rheumatology. I can't find any recent allnurses articles talking about this. Anyone have any experience working as a Rheumatology NP? From what I've seen in clinicals and read online Rheumatology seems like a pretty cool area to work in. If anyone does have experience I was wondering about a typical clinical day, pts/hr, expected salary, and if employers have any preference when it comes to previous work experience? Thanks in advance.
  2. Mississippi RN

    Is bedside nursing still a lifelong career option?

    My grandmother in 1976 at 45 years old, became one of the first pediatric nurse practitioners in the state of Mississippi. My grandmother even in 1976 understood that if the opportunity to increase your education, income, and improve your lifestyle presents itself you should take it. As a nurse and current NP student I think it only makes sense with the current increase in nurse to patient ratios, as well the increase in the number and complexity of patient comorbidities, that nurses in general are looking at advanced degrees such as NP, CRNA, MBA, Education, and Nurse Infomatics as a way out of the rat race of bedside side care.
  3. Mississippi RN

    USM FNP program

    I received my acceptance letter on May 20th. So far I've turned in my initial paperwork and am waiting for orientation information.

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