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  1. pyegirlrn

    How do you handle rude comments?

    That is so Sad! Most of my family has died off and the rest of my family is distant except for my youngest son and husband. If you can't share the good AND the bad with people what is the point for having them in your life? That is what lead to my prior divorce. I knew that when the bad times hit, I would be facing it alone.
  2. pyegirlrn

    Triage Regulations

    I work in a small rural hospital in GA with 3 fast-track beds and 9 ER beds. There is a small triage area with one nurse and no tech. There are 2 registrars next to the waiting area who obtain the initial complaint and registration information. Then they call over the intercom for the triage nurse. After the all the triages are completed, it is the expectation that the triage nurse will come back and help the other nurses to discharge and care for their patient. She just hopes that she can break loose to go to the triage area. My concern is that there may be legal liability in leaving my triage post. Another concern is that I feel that the triage position is not respected and no matter what you help the nurses do it is never enough. Please advise. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  3. pyegirlrn

    can you refuse an assignment?

    I worked until recently on a "critical care area" called Neuro-Stepdown. We routinely accepted ventilator dependent, hemodynamic altering drips, multiple tubes and frequent OTBS with a staffing matrix that states we should have a 1:4 ratio. Gradually the ratio increased to 1:5, but recently and more frequently was 1:6. On many occasions, my co-workers and I had talked about how taking more than 5 patients on our floor is dangerous. Now was the test time, 3 nurses scheduled with 6 patients a piece, one pct, and 1/2 shift unit clerk/monitor tech. Two of the three nurses refused to take that assignment, but we were looking for alternatives. The supervisor, NM, and Director of Critical Care told us "there is no help to send you and no beds to move any patients to. Either take report or consider yourselves voluntarily resigned." We left and in 2 hours 2 nurses were brought in to take our 6 patients, but "there is no help to send you" rang through my mind. I am planning on still attempting to receive unemployment since I believe I was left no choice, but to lose my job, a patient, or possibly my license. You must draw a line somewhere and stand by it. I will not put my patient's lives in jeopardy for a hospital or money. I have been in this situation once before and patients died, because of short staffing. Now there is research showing what safe staffing levels are and there is no more excuse for managers or nurses. That level is 2 in ICU, 4 in PCU/Stepdown, and 6 on the medical/surgical floor.
  4. pyegirlrn

    The happy policy

    Yes, something like this may be coming to a hospital near you. It's called the Disneyland Model and our hospital has "bought into it" and we are being forced to sign an agreement that we are too. If we don't then maybe we need to work at another hospital or on another unit. Gee, that made me feel so wanted! I think it is totally inappropriate for a hospital to try and be like Disney, especially when we are working short-staffed. I wish I could afford to retire....
  5. pyegirlrn

    Tips on dealing with the demented patient in the ER

    Well without some sort of sedation, I guess it is 4 point restraints and a vest. Wow!
  6. pyegirlrn

    Thousands Of CA Nurses To Strike 34 Hospitals Thursday

    It93726-- Healthcare doesn't make sense. Yes, getting rid of LVNs and CNAs will spread the RN thinner, but the management doesn't care. Their only concern is making money, at our expense, of course. Our CEO received a 2million dollar bonus last year even as they are facing tremendous losses for various reasons. They will not take the hit, because there is always a new crop of nurses coming out every December and June. We are expendable. Advice from an oldie but a goodie is to make as much money as fast as possible and purchase your house with silver dollars that you have saved while skimping, because the dollar is designed to collapse. Become debt free.
  7. pyegirlrn

    Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    I have met several people that went into nursing for materialistic reasons and have found that most of them render poor, uncompassionate care and that no amount of money is enough to keep them working in the profession. It's best for everyone to look at their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and to choose a career that incorporates their strengths and their passions, so they will love their work and it will love them in return.
  8. pyegirlrn

    The Aging Nurse in the Workplace

    Yes, I have been a nurse since 1981 and am too young to retire, but at the top of my pay scale. The administration is looking at me as a liability and they have already started firing those nurses who are costing them too much money. It is only a matter of time before they come after me. I am armed with a pocket recorder which is legal in my state if one of the parties knows they are being taped (me). If any references are made regarding my age or pay scale, I will have them. I am tired of being a victim in this "right to work" state.
  9. pyegirlrn

    Ten Ways To Know You're Burning Out

    Dear Burnout, I am on the same treadmill that you are on and due to circumstances that are out of my control, I could be looking at having to walk away from my primary mortgage and move to an area where my great-grandfather built a home(which has a small mortgage--long story). There is no "thing" or "debt" that will make me wish for an early death. After all, they are predicting that some catastrophic event will end it all in 2012 anyway. My family is what I wake up for every day and what enlivens me to endure whatever work may throw my way. Even living in a tent would be preferable to being dead without them. You sound depressed, so change your focus. I have a friend who has no young children and she is returning to school for a double degree--a Masters in Psychology with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Degree at 54. What is your love? Why do you think that God created you? Find a niche and express your passion either in Nursing or out. Remember that God hasn't created any junk and He loves you. Praise God and He will return your joy to you. God Bless You!
  10. pyegirlrn

    Am I Nursey Enough For You?

    Yes, I agree that the in-fighting is what the administration counts on so that "divided we will fall". I do not look down on LPNs, but view our roles as more similar than different. Hopefully there will be a meeting of the minds and our intellectual snobbery will be at an end.

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