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  1. Mihawk

    Passed Nclex PN

    well i studied for like 4 or 5 months i used the saunders 4th edition, and kaplan and learningext.com for 50 dollar for 3 weeks..... i wish you luck on your exam :)
  2. Mihawk

    Passed Nclex PN

    i jus took the test this morning it shut off at 85 questions i was soooo scared when i got home was talking to my mom and she said i know u passed so i went to use the pearson vue trick and it gave me the good pop up!!!!!!!! IM AN LPN!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Mihawk

    Any NCLEX PN takers in michigan

    im taking my ncelx on october 22 and im really nervous i was wondering if there were ppl in my area who are planning on taking it soon or who have just recently taken it who can provide me with some insight on the test
  4. Mihawk

    Took my NCLEX PN 9/21/11

    i jus wanna know what to expect im jus a lil nervous
  5. Mihawk

    Took my NCLEX PN 9/21/11

    especially after i heard they raised the passing rate
  6. Mihawk

    Took my NCLEX PN 9/21/11

    im waiting for my ATT and i plan on taking it next month i was just wondering how difficult it was im in michigan so im just a little nervous is all
  7. Im planning on taking my nclex next month i am as of now waiting for my ATT..... but i was wondering how much harder is the test now that the passing standard has been raised april 2011...... i jus want to know what im up against please and thank you:confused:

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