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    ADN to RN-BSN or straight to BSN?

    would getting an adn at community college and then completing an online rn-bsn program online be a better idea than completing the pre-requisites at a community college and then transferring to a four year university for a bsn:confused::confused: what route did you take to become an rn? i'm 17 and in my first semester at cc right now. i would like to be able to sit down with my advisior when i sign up for the spring semester and set up a plan to graduate, but before i can do that i need to decide which route would be a) cheaper and b) more likely to get me hired. :) if it matters, i want to work with newborns, although i'm not sure if i would want to be a l&d nurse, work in the nicu or just the well baby nursery. do nicu's only hire bsn's? if i get my adn and then enroll in an rn-bsn program would that boost my chances of getting hired?

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