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Hello. My name is Clairice. I am currently enrolled in my 1st year of an ADN program and I am loving it!

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    a couple TEAS V Online Practice Questions

    1) Off the top of my head, myosin...I havent looked it up yet but the 2 proteins responsible for muscle movement are actin and myosin. The other answers just don't make sense 2) Should be D. You can't "pass down" cancer. Smoking can cause developmental issues, but she can't pass on cancer.
  2. clairbear4585

    Nursing School while still working?

    I am not a guy, but I saw your thread and thought I should comment anyway :) I am working over 40 hours a week currently while in my 1st semester of my nursing program. I am not going to lie to you, it is not easy. I don't have the comfort of a flexible job and I work 10 hour (Though more often like 12 hour) nights 4 nights a week. It is not easy but it is cerainly possible. There are several women in the class who have children and work (several full time) and they manage because they have a good support system. So if your kids are pretty much grown, your home bills are taken care of, your job offers flexibility, and you can get financial aid, by all means go for it! My only advice is take all of your pre-reqs FIRST. Do not think that taking API & II while taking NUR 111 and 112 is a good idea. I am telling you this from a bio grad's standpoint. Most of this material isn't new to me but I still don't think I could hack those courses at the same time while working. The more pre-req's you have out of the way, the better off you will be. While you prep for your entrance exam, start taking those pre-reqs. If you do it that way and be prepped to work your butt off, you will be fine! Good luck!
  3. Nursing is a calling. Don't ignore it. I agree with 33762FL in that you should wait until you pay off some debts. My program is loaded with mothers and women older than me (I am 26) and they are making it happen. Nursing school is not going anywhere within the next couple of years. Also, getting a 2 year degree while you already have a Bachelor's is definitely something to consider. It is cheaper and you find out if you are in quickly than going through the hurdles of a 4 year institution. Plus so many schools offer RN-BSN programs online you can always advance further if you decide that is the right path for you. I have a friend who became an attorney. The only thing it has been good for so far is helping him pay for his expensive NY apt. He likes being an attorney but he hates the type of attorney he is. He followed money and not his calling. Follow your calling and money will come. I am a firm believer in that. That is not to say you'll wind up rich, but you wil certainly always have your needs met. I truly believe that. Also, have you considered maybe looking into jobs involving a health and legal background? I've never done the research but maybe you should! Maybe it can be the best of both worlds for you! Good luck and follow your passion!!!

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