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  1. SRNA2013

    To University of Akron SRNAs

    If you've read the icu book u should be fine
  2. SRNA2013

    University of Akron Interview

    Its called the ICU book, half.com it its pretty popular
  3. SRNA2013

    University of Akron Interview

    read the ICU book inside and out :)
  4. SRNA2013

    University of Akron Interview

    Yes people in my class got in without taking any courses, I know ohio state has some grad-nondegree that transfer to Akron you can take online.
  5. SRNA2013

    University of Akron deadline

    So, by now im sure you already have your answer but if you apply in august 2011 you will be applying for the june 2012 start, but that doesn't mean that they wont have you start taking core classes in January 2012 which is the norm..
  6. SRNA2013

    To University of Akron SRNAs

    It doesnt mean that you have a higher chance of getting it, it means you can start taking prereqs, which they look very highly upon, If you take these classes they can still deny you admission to the CRNA program at which point you can see if the classes will transfer to another school or change which track you are doing crna-cns-np, and hopefully the classes you have picked will transfer to that track..

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