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  1. aspiringnurse16

    Nurses with Hepatitis B in the Philippines?

    Good day hidden identity. Selenium is a mineral that helps support antioxidant activity. I take it for supplement purposes only. google it and read its benefits for carriers like me.I eat veggies,fruits,fish, and other nutritious foods as much as possible. Yup I thought I would get denied, im very grateful there are countries around the globe like usa that is very considerate and has anti discrimination laws. I hope people would become aware not only about hepatitis b but as well as other infectious diseases like aids. Its difficult to live with such health problems, knowing that anytime it would get worse. Lets pray for a cure. God is listening, im a living witness. he always listen to our prayers, God knows when is the best time to grant us what we are asking for.
  2. aspiringnurse16

    Nursing Schools in the Philippines

    Hi everyone. I'm a 2ndyr college Bsn student in Phillippines when I left for US. I'm having tough time deciding whether to go back and to finish my schooling there or just continue it here. I'm gc holder and know about the re entry thing. My problem are big difference in tuition, and when I ask around here they said that I would need to start from the very beginning because the curriculum is different. I invested already money, time and effort from my previous school (CSA-B). So I would like to ask for your thoughts/opinions/experiences. Thank you!!!!
  3. aspiringnurse16

    Nurses with Hepatitis B in the Philippines?

    @raizel wish you all the best!!! keep us inform how it goes, god bless
  4. aspiringnurse16

    Nurses with Hepatitis B in the Philippines?

    please guys lets make this thread active haha. we have this condition because God knows we are the only ones who can handle it and let us all be inspiration to everyone that whatever problem you are facing on you can still achieve your dreams. never stop dreaming never stop believing never stop praying and finally never stop living. God bless us all
  5. aspiringnurse16

    Nurses with Hepatitis B in the Philippines?

    @godknowsright hello there!!! base on my own experience. YES!YES!YES! you can go here in USA, im also hepB+, hbeAg+. my mom just petitioned me recently and got here last May this year. in my medical exam in st. lukes you have the right to not to disclose your condition. when the doctor asked me series of questions and ended up asking if i have hepatitis i just politely said no(maybe sort of fear that i would be denied that's why i said no haha). now im seeking my treatment here in US, im also a student nurse when i left the PH but i plan to go back to finish my bsn because schools here wont honor my 2yrs as nursing student in PH. yeah it so hard. but let me tell you something, the US is very strict only when you have TB. and the best thing about here is they have laws against DISCRIMINATION, so as long as you practice UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS they would hire you. yes, of course there is medical exam as long as you have very low viral load they would hire you. AND FINALLY TO ALL OF YOU GUYS, MAYBE STARTING FROM NOW ON YOU SHOULD TAKE "SELENIUM" SUPPLEMENT, IT WOULD MAKE YOUR VIRAL LOAD LOWER AND WOULD PREVENT LIVER CANCER.
  6. aspiringnurse16

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    my bad but thanks for the info so how about LA county school of nursing?
  7. aspiringnurse16

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    hi everyone, i'm new here. so this is my story, i'm a 2nd year bsn student in the Philippines and i'm planning to continue my nsg in lacc. can i apply for admission right away at lacc though i just moved this May here??
  8. aspiringnurse16

    Hepatitis B and Employment


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