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  1. crandall88

    Pensacola State College 2013

    I'm looking to see if anybody else has been accepted to Pensacola State's LPN-RN program in January 2013. :)
  2. crandall88

    Pensacola State College RN May 2012

    I applied last summer and finished my last prereq this spring... Got my email in May for a start in either spring or summer 2013. They wouldn't give me an exact date, and they said I will find out when I get an admissions letter this fall.
  3. crandall88

    NURSING: A life that is indescribably wonderful.

    :) awesome! Thank you for sharing.
  4. crandall88

    Career vs family

    I'm 23 & have been an LPN for 4 years. I have been a military spouse for four years as well. I have had to transfer to a few different schools for my adn (because of my husband's changes in duty stations), and I finally have all of my prereqs done. Unfortunatly, my school's program is first.come, first serve, so my good grades dont matter and I am on a waiting list for the program. It is going to be about a year wait. I opted to apply to some other schools. Even out of state. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am putting my career before starting a family. I hate that I will have to move away from my husband, but we have been through deployments, so I know that we'll be alright. It's just a weird thought that my going away is completely voluntary.... But I am a firm believer that you should follow your heart. I don't want to be an old lady and look back on my life with disappointment because I didn't take the opportunity to pursue my dreams. Another important factor is the support system that you have at home. My husband has been fantastic. my mom is ill, and she stays with us, so she loves to help. But, yes, I do believe that we can have it all. :) I want to be able to provide for my family in a way that wasn't available to me growing up. Follow your heart. Don't look back on your life with despair. Everything will fall into place. Good luck. (PS plz ignore spelling errors... I am terrible at usibg my phone lmbo)
  5. crandall88

    Career vs family

    I didnt mean to send two posts... Oops... But I am interested in hearing from others with a few years on us. It is also important to remember what is right for one person, may be COMPLETELY wrong for someone else. :)
  6. crandall88


    And make sure that you look at your state board of nursing's requirements. Not every state will let you sit for licensure when you graduate from Excelsior. Just keep that in mind... That is something I learned after I started the class that I took. Again, good luck to you!
  7. crandall88


    I started Excelsior, but I did not like the online format. I learn better in the classroom setting. I took one test through them and transferred to a ground campus. However, I have two friends that have graduated from Excelsior and are completely happy and confident in their work. I agree that it's all about personal preference. Good luck to you, and do take a look at all of your options. I am sure that you'll find what's right for you! :)
  8. crandall88

    Pensacola State College RN May 2012

    I know what you mean. It is so stressful. Good luck. Maybe I will see you there. :)
  9. crandall88

    Pensacola State College RN May 2012

    Oops jan 2013 entry sorry really bad at typing on my phone lol
  10. crandall88

    Pensacola State College RN May 2012

    I just received the email stating that I am in candidate status and I was told that I am looking at Jan 2012 entry. I have applied elsewhere as well because I was told that they could not promise me a spot and they will not know for sure until letters go out this fall. I really don't know what to think.
  11. crandall88

    Belmont University Q's

    Hi y'all! I am in the process of applying to BU. If accepted, I will have to move away from my husband. I am currently an LPN, and I am ready for a change. Tuition aside, can any students/alumni please tell me how much (if at all) they enjoyed the program? I am hoping to transfer there in the spring. Most of my prereq's are completed and I have.3.5gpa. Any info would be GREAT. Thank you so much! Have a good day. :)

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