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  1. NewGradRNAC

    Hiring Process...

    Yea that helps. I was never formally offered a job. Just told by DNS that HR would call to set me up for pre screen which they did and i completed ... Do they call u if u failed/passed all they were looking for? Like what happens next ? I called her to ask if she received all my stuff so she knows I followed through with her requests. She said she did receive my stuff and is now waiting for my physical and ppd to come through because I just had it read that morning and she said the DNS again would call me mon/ tues because they still have to do reference checks. Does that mean I got it?
  2. NewGradRNAC

    Hiring Process...

    I have a question because I am new to Nursing as a whole.. I worked in retail and child care my whole life... I just turned 22 and passed my NCLEX and the job hunt begins...i know there are quite a few of you VERY familiar with the hiring process, I would just like to know what to expect after my interview and pre-screening which i completed both of in the past 2 weeks...help??

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