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  1. whitescrubs2012

    Pros and Cons of Induction in L&D

    This question is for seasoned L&D nurses, CNMs, and OBs: Are you supportive of inducing labor in your patients? Why/why not? After a year of working L&D, I'm stunned by how many of my patients are induced for one slightly elevated blood pressure, or for another reason that seems less than reasonable/urgent. I've seen many of these patients -- and their babies -- have poor outcomes and complications, including fetal distress, hemorrhage, unwanted c-section, and vacuum assisted delivery, among others. I have to wonder if it's (at least partly) a result of the induction, especially when they're a mere 36 or 37 weeks, or if the induction before baby and mom are ready to deliver contributes to these outcomes. While I *strongly* believe that medicine has a place in labor and birth when warranted, I question whether it's an interference in many of my patients whose bodies and babies are simply not yet ready for delivery. Experienced practitioners, what do you think?
  2. whitescrubs2012

    Night shift unintentional weight loss

    Everyone warned me that I would gain weight when I switched to nights. The opposite has been true. I've been losing weight unintentionally (also @8-10lbs) because of a combination of stress, nausea, loss of appetite, and gut distress. Working nights is not for the weak! I usually don't have any time/freedom to eat during my shift because I'm so busy. Sipping on fruit smoothies has been a good way to get some quick calories in my body while I'm at work and keep from passing out. If you want to put on more pounds, I think you could doctor up the smoothies w/ some protein powder for more cals. Have you tried that? Or snacking on handfuls of high-cal, healthy snacks, like dried fruit and nuts? Like you, I sometimes eat a snack when I get home, but, most of the time, I just walk the dogs and hit the pillow! I'm new to the night shift (just a few months) but I can certainly relate to the total loss of appetite. I have to force myself to eat and end up feeling nauseous most of the time--even when I'm not at work--because my body is so out of whack.
  3. whitescrubs2012

    UNM RN-BSN program

    Aerorunner, I feel your pain. I've experienced the same shenanigans. In fact, when I went to register for that ONE class, on the SAME day I was accepted, I was met with an error message saying the class was already full, including the wait list. I had to laugh; the sheer absurdity of it was no surprise. Why? For one thing, it's New Mexico, land of mañana. Everything takes longer than expected and, after nursing school, I've had plenty of experience with this kind of ridiculousness. Beyond that, UNM CON is not run like a well-oiled machine. At this point, I expect hiccups. So, I'd either be willing to go with the flow and laugh at the ridiculousness as these issues arise (surely, this will not be the first of them) or enroll in a program that's better organized. Otherwise, you'll go crazy over these frustrations!
  4. whitescrubs2012

    Career prospects in NM?

    If you're not a graduate of an accredited program in NM, the word on the street is that it's especially tough to get a job as a new grad in NM. In fact, it's tough for anyone. Definitely not an "easy" place to start out w/ no experience, unless, perhaps, you want to try the far-flung places, like small communities outside of the larger cities/towns.
  5. whitescrubs2012

    Jobs for New ADN Grad RN? Bleak outlook or glimmer of hope?

    Thanks to all for your input and suggestions!
  6. whitescrubs2012

    Jobs for New ADN Grad RN? Bleak outlook or glimmer of hope?

    Miss Nurse, Thanks so much for your hopeful reply! I'm really glad to hear that there's a need for nurses in the Baltimore area. Were you working for the agencies w/o a BSN? Were the agencies placing you in local hospitals? Thanks, again, for sharing your experience!
  7. Hi Maryland Nurses, I'm looking into working as a nurse in the Baltimore area as a brand-new RN grad from an out-of-state ADN program. Regionally, the program is well respected, but in MD, no one will have heard of it. So, as a new ADN grad RN w/o experience under her belt, would I have a prayer getting hired anywhere? I do have BS and MS degrees in other fields, but I know: within the field of nursing, other degrees are mostly moot. Maybe if I stated my (honest) intention to earn my BSN in the immediate future? Maybe there are small/inner-city hospitals that hire new ADN grads? Has anyone had any experience with this in Baltimore or nearby areas? Thanks in advance for any help/knowledge you can share! It's much appreciated.
  8. whitescrubs2012

    SFCC or CNM?Accepted at both where do I go?

    ...in a nutshell, if you don't want to spend an extravagant amount of money and you have a high tolerance for disorganization/can roll w/ the punches, CNM is the way to go. I don't regret it.
  9. whitescrubs2012

    SFCC or CNM?Accepted at both where do I go?

    CNM has a sophisticated SIM lab -- although, in my experience, it's not often used. The semester begins w/ some on-campus labs, but most of your time is spent doing the real thing: you're in the hospital, working with real patients, shadowing real nurses. In clinical, 8 students:instructor, max; in a class setting, it depends on the size of your class as a whole. My class is relatively small, so there are only @ 20-30 of us in a lecture. We don't use UNM facilities, but I will say that CNM's SIM lab (inc med room) is BRAND new, as is their nursing building. It's probably more up-to-date than UNM's facilities.
  10. whitescrubs2012

    Applying to CNM in Feb 2013 and wanting info

    I can't recall exactly how long it was, but I think it was somewhere between 1-2 months. Also, I remember that they told us they'd let us know by a certain date...then rescinded and told us they wouldn't let us know until a few weeks later than anticipated. Be prepared to go with the flow; this is par for the course.
  11. whitescrubs2012

    Applying to CNM in Feb 2013 and wanting info

    Hi Donoharm, Ultimately, I decided to go to CNM, largely because I had already been living in ABQ for many years, and had other friends in various stages of the program. I figured that nursing school would be a big enough change, w/o moving to another city on top of it. Ultimately, I'm very satisfied w/ my decision, namely because the tuition is unbelievably affordable, and I've met fantastic friends (which has been an unexpected bonus). Lots of us have other degrees and are going into nursing as a second (or third!) career. So, you'd be in good company! That said, my brief experience w/ SFCC was totally positive. The administrators I talked with were very efficient, helpful, and organized (not always the case at CNM). The only down-side, as far as I could see, is that clinical locations might be a bit more limited, or might require more travel time. In ABQ, you've got plenty of big hospitals at which to complete your clinical rotations. It's nice to have the variety of experiences. If you've heard anything about the CNM program, what you've heard is probably true. Feel free to message me for more info. if you'd like details/specifics. I'm happy to help. I had good friends who prepared me for what to expect, and that has helped tremendously. I'm currently in the program. When are you planning to apply? If you're a good standardized test taker, I wouldn't worry too much about the HESI. I didn't study at all and got a much better score than I expected (98). If tests aren't your bag, preparation to boost your confidence/familiarity is probably a good idea so you can ace it on your first try. I didn't go as far as to take the TEAS for SFCC (you're right about that; they don't accept the HESI, just TEAS), but I'd imagine it's very similar to the HESI. Good luck to you!
  12. whitescrubs2012

    Applying to CNM in Feb 2013 and wanting info

    In that case, I wouldn't sweat it! I don't know how much stiffer the competition is since I applied (not too long ago). I had a 98 on the HESI and a 3.8 prereq GPA, so very close to your numbers. I think you'll be in great shape. Have fun w/ it and best of luck!
  13. whitescrubs2012

    Moving to New Mexico

    Rio Rancho is a mess of big box stores and cheap, cookie cutter housing. If that's your preference (and, for some, it is), then it may be a good place for you. If you seek more authenticity and community, Nob Hill, North Campus, and some areas of the NE Heights are family favorites.
  14. whitescrubs2012

    Applying to CNM in Feb 2013 and wanting info

    I was accepted to CNM a while back. I don't recall how many points I was awarded, but if your GPA and HESI scores are impressive, you can feel confident about getting in. As you may know, CNM did away with their wait list about a year ago and changed the admission process so that it's more competitive. The ONLY factors they consider now are your GPA and your HESI. They take the cream of the crop. Good luck!
  15. whitescrubs2012

    Stephen Colbert recognizes nurses as Heroes

    Yahoo!!! I am an NYU grad and LOVE Steven Colbert! Did anyone see the interview w/ Anderson Cooper and the awesome nicu nurse in the purple hat? Loved it!