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  1. Van22

    Los Angeles County School of Nursing

    Hey everyone! I just got my acceptance letter yesterday to la county as well after being denied twice before. I'm a little confused because as of Tuesday I was going to be attending Cerritos college rn program but now I don't know because I know la county is a good school but it's also about 6000 dollars more. Anyone have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Van22

    Cerritos Nursing Program Newbie

    Hey utut, the same thing actually happened to me with Cerritos. I just got a letter about 2 weeks ago that they have a spot for me for spring 2012. I was hesistant at first because I wanted to get into a bsn program but I figured I might as well start somewhere now than later and I have 2 friends that have done the program and they said they liked it a lot. Are you going to be attending in spring 2012?
  3. Hi sarah.white! I did actually decide to attend Cerritos college in spring 2012. It is very close to my house so I wouldn't have to move and it isn't very expensive compared to most of the other programs I applied to. Are you attending the orientation on November 4th? Thanks for the reply. Hello JD! So as I said earlier to Sarah I am going to attend Cerritos only so I can get started already. I've felt stagnant for the pass year and a half so I'm excited to just get into to a program so I can work towards the career I want. I did apply to APU for their absn but did not get in, however I was hesitant from the beginning because it does cost a lot and I would've probably had to move. So the costs for the private school program are a little steep for me especially since I have precious loans from my bachelors that I still need to pay. As for some of the cal states absn that are more affordable, they are very competitive and I do have good grades but it seemed like not good enough for those schools who had cohorts of 40 with hundreds of applicants. Ive heard from many people that hospitals prefer a bsn so I am planning on doing the rn-bsn bridge program. Was it hard for you to get a job as an adn-rn? Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hello Everyone, So after 2 years of taking pre-reqs for nursing right after finishing my bachelors I have finally been accepted into Cerritos College Nursing program for Spring 12'. Last minute they notified me that I had been admitted. I was super excited to hear this after being denied from other schools I had applied to. I applied to glendale community, pasadena community, lac nursing, and I was going to apply to Mt. St. Marys Accelerated program but not sure if I should since I have been accepted already to a program but its only a ADN. Having a little dilemma if I should use my bachelors apply to an Accelerated program or go to cerritos program and then do a bridge program RN-BSN or RN-MSN because I eventually want to become a NP. Any advice or anyone else with thoughts like these? Thank u! :redpinkhe

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