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  1. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Nurses smoking weed?

    Studies have shown that with consistent use a person no longer has reasoning problems that is associated with occasional use, I'd have to say it would be up to a hospital to make policy that would make it possible. Problem is they are testing for nicotine as a metabolite so I don't see hospitals developing a will to D/C drug testing for marijuana anytime soon.
  2. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Case Study help please!

    Think of it like this antibiotics kill bacteria. You have bacteria in your gut that assist in proper digestion, if these bacteria are killed you get the squirts. Replace those little buggers with live culture yogurt. Same can also occur due to overuse of alcohol (kills bacteria - and many normal organisms), C. def (eats your normal flora - bacteria). Thing with C. def is it protects itself when exposed to alcohol so it can actually enter and survive more easily when exposed alcohol - so wash your hands with soap first.
  3. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Info on abac one year lpn to rn program in tifton ga

    It's not very difficult just make sure to keep your grades as high as possible. Study, read, study some more. Once you think you've studied enough read the material again and study one more time. Create study groups and make sure to get all you can out of every book, every class, every bleeding on-line bit of material you can. Push for A's, but tolerate B's, don't tolerate C's. C's mean you're not studying enough. If you really want some good quality info, search for ABAC and give them a call.
  4. Roger D. Grant Jr.


    I'm recieving my nursing education at ABAC. This school has a whole lot to offer nursing students in that it offers a quality education w/o being overly crowded. If you attend ABAC or are a graduate let me know your feelings about ABAC.
  5. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    need a computer

    In my opinion you should stick with what you know. Apple puts out a quality product that is great for creating things on, but for day to day work I'll always stick with my Dell.:)
  6. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Apparently 12 year olds can make their own medical decisions

    HPV is now showing up in gay men and it looks as if it might cause prostate cancer if left unchecked. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be appropriate for men to get inoculated for this disease too, especially if they may be engaging in unprotected anal sex. P.S. should I be using a pseudonym on this site, I'm using my real name.
  7. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Peritonsillar Abscess

    Sorry Trauma, I didn't know about giving medical advice. I'll keep it in mind in future. Problem is I'm just a nursing student right now and really don't know better.
  8. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Peritonsillar Abscess

    I would very likely have tonsils removed if you're experiencing problems with them. You wouldn't want it to spread an infection to other surrounding areas.
  9. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    Not hired if you smoke?

    I've always despised policies that take perfectly good employees or future workers and condemn them out of hand. I don't approve of it and believe it to be unconstitutional. I'll put it this way, if a person wanted to work in a hospital who had HIV or was gay would they tell them to look elsewhere because a potential exists for sickness to develop and increase premiums. I hate to say it, but our government is paying state hospitals to screen for nicotine just as they do for drugs.
  10. Roger D. Grant Jr.

    KSU accelerated RN program Spring 2012

    Well I'm going to ABAC and love my school as they come highly recommended as far as creating good nurses.

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