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  1. of course no problem just give me your e-mail :)
  2. ok its sent :) let me know if it opens :)
  3. Here is the thing, dextrose in the bag is hypertonic once infused into the body becomes the solutions osmolality, d5w, if you take out the dextrose and you just have the water what kind of solution is that? its hypotonic, (water doesnt have the same osmalality as the body therefore its hypotonic), d5 and 1/2 ns is hypotonic, but once again the dextrose makes it hypertonic in the bag but once infused becomes the solutions osmolality, what i find helpful is to cover up the Dextrose and look at just the solution and see what that is, b/c that is what it will be in the pt's body. i made this chart above, i dont know if the link will work... but i can always e-mail it to you if it doesnt. Hope this helps explain things a little easier

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