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  1. Ya know, this could be so easy to correct if MAs were required to wear some kind of badge in their physician offices, stating their name and job title. Unfortunately, many physicians in my area do not do this. Doctors are just as much to blame for this as well as the "imposter". It sickens me, frankly. That someone with 8+ years of education and training does not know how to address someone with their correct title. Physicians work hard, very hard for their titles, and get all ***** when they are not addressed by their title, what makes RNs and LPNs different. Some physician assistants can fall into this catergory as well, but they also have their separate license. PAs & nurse practitioners aren't doctors, MAs & aides aren't nurses. I'd never call a nurse a doctor and I certainly do not call an aid or MA a nurse! Speak up! If you are a patient in a doctors office and you hear an MA or doctor referring to them as a "nurse", correct them. Your doctor should not get mad at you, you are the patient! If you hear an office manager or an RN working in a doctors office referring to MAs as "nurses", correct them. Personally, shame on the RN who does this but an office manager may just be clueless to the differences. As far as aides in hospitals, ask to see their badge. A little blow to the ego will correct them and humbly put them in their place. If they continue, report it. Its not acceptable and against state laws to claim to be a licensed professional, when you are not! Yes, this does drive me crazy at times, and rightly so. You do realize that this continues and will continue to be an issue until people start standing up for the nursing profession. Its bad enough that we get little to no respect as it is. Nurses do not need other health care workers claiming to be "nurses" when they are not. It puts patient care at risk when one falsely claims to be a licensed professional when they are not. For one thing, an imposter does not have the education and training as an RN or LPN would have. You all know this. I know you do. And the people who are claiming to be "nurses" know it too, but are ignorant. If you are a MA or CNA and you are reading this, I am speaking to you. You are hurting only yourself and you are not doing your patients any favors and certainly not helping them, by claiming to be something that you are not. Please, be proud of what you are and commend yourself for being in the health profession, as it is. If you want to be a nurse, go to RN school or LPN school, graduate, take the NCLEX and THEN become a Nurse. Rant over.

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