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  1. PeanutButter09

    South Florida Workforce funding/Robert Morgan

    I did LPN school in 2013 at Miami lakes tech and work force paid for me to go. You have to go in and speak with them but it was the best decision ever
  2. PeanutButter09

    RN, sometimes rather work as an LPN

    Thank you for your response.
  3. PeanutButter09

    RN, sometimes rather work as an LPN

    Hello, I'm a pretty new RN, for about 6 months now. However, I was an LPN for 4 years, both of my licenses are active. I currently work full-time in a NICU which I love but I'm looking for a PRN job. When looking at big long-term care companies that are recruiting both LPNs and RNs, I'm always inclined to apply as an LPN because I think it would be less stressful and less responsibility. Is this true? Does anyone else feel this way? Please give me any advice you may have. Thank you
  4. PeanutButter09

    FSCJ Nursing-Summer 2015

    I applied to the generic and the bridge program with like 183 points I believe and I got accepted into the bridge. Just an FYI for those asking about points.
  5. PeanutButter09

    FSCJ Nursing-Summer 2015

    Can you please email the packet also. court.hunt90@gmail.com Thank you so much!
  6. PeanutButter09

    Looking at South FL's LPN to RN program

    Hello all, I need some advice. I am currently and LPN living in Jacksonville finishing up my prerequisites. I will be starting A&P II, MAC 1105 and MCB2010 w/ Lab next week. I'm looking into Miami Dade College, Broward College, and Mercy Hospital Miami. Question about Mercy, does anyone know if their A.S degree can be eventually transferred into a BSN? Also I was wondering would I be able to apply to either the BC or MDC transitioning program for January 2015? Or would I not have enough time? Do we know how tough it is to get into MDC, BC, or Mercy's program? I really appreciate all of your answers and any advice that you may have for me? I am ready to move from Jacksonville back home to Miami. I'm definitely going to apply to the community college here but I don't want to stay here if I get accepted into a program down south. My current GPA is a 3.3. I WILL NOT get anything less than 3 A's this semester *fingers crossed* thank you for all of your help guys
  7. PeanutButter09

    LPN to RN or Generic BSN?

    Hello, I'm a current LPN working in a Pediatrician's office. I'm working on prerequisites to get my RN. My goal is to get my MSN, but first I know I must get my BSN. I just applied to a couple of Universities in my area. Do you guys think it would be smarter to go for an LPN to RN then RN to BSN program or should I just try to get into a generic BSN program? Both options would take about 2 years. What do you guys suggest? Thank you
  8. PeanutButter09

    Orlando Health

    Hello fellow nurses, I am newly licensed LPN that currently resides in Miami. I've been job hunting for about 2 months with no luck. There is a job at Orlando Health's Winnie Palmer that I want soooooooo very badly. Although they did not have any specific qualifications such as experience on the advertisement, I know that I am still one application out of so many. So I need advice. What can I do to make my application stand out? Is there anyone on this site maybe with any connections who could help me out? Any one know the Nursing recruiter? I'm just playing the waiting game and my anxiety is through the roof. Any suggestions, advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. PeanutButter09

    I took my NCLEX-PN today...

  10. PeanutButter09

    I took my NCLEX-PN today...

    I just got back home from taking my NCLEX... I finished in 85 questions in about an hour... As soon as I got in my truck, I did the PVT and got the good pop up!! I'm super nervous about the accuracy of the pop because I felt 'ok' about the questions... Not good but not bad either. I've been praying like crazy. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life for 48 hours until I can pay for quick results. My heart is beating through my chest!! Anybody else took it today?
  11. PeanutButter09

    NCLEX in 5 days!

    Hello all... I am a recent LPN school grad, I graduated July 29th. I sit for my NCLEX on September 23rd! I am a nervous wreck! I literally have cried almost every other day for the past week. I've been studying but I don't understand how I can get through 3000 questions.. The questions seem to take so long to answer and read through rationales. The books I have are Saunders, Lippincott, Exam Cram, Mary Hogan's Reviews & Rationales, and Hurst review. I have been looking at Mary Hogan and Saunders the most to keep me from feeling overwhelmed, even though I still kinda am. I have been getting around 60% on my quizzes. Is it normal to not feel ready as the day approaches? I've been praying. I'm about at my wits end and that's all I can do. I'm still running through questions and answering them. Any advice? Any recommendations? Thank you -NERVOUSWRECK!
  12. PeanutButter09

    Soooo excited!!

    I am in my first year of pre-nursing and it is going by entirely too slow for me. Not the material, but the semester. I am so ready to start Nursing school already. I've wanted to be a nurse literally my WHOLE life. Several years ago, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery. I used to clean her wounds and put new dressing on them, I was only 14 at the time. Now, 3 months ago she passed and I want more than to ever to become a nurse. I just need some advice on how to not let the semesters drag. How can I make them go faster? At least in my head? Lol. Sorry if this is confusing

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