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  1. AnnieQRN

    Experience with TCU DNP program?

    Has anyone else recently completed the DNP program at TCU? I'd like to know if you felt it was worth it, and how the online classes went. I've never taken classes online.
  2. AnnieQRN

    TCU Fall 2011 Interview

    Thanks for the congrats! I applied to 6 schools. 5 years as RN, 3 in ICU. GRE and GPA were good, but I've seen acceptances with GPA and GRE all over the place. I also took some extra classes, i.e. OChem and Neuropharm (OChem is required for some schools) and go on medical mission trips regularly. Shadow a CRNA at least once! TCU- Earlier interview and earlier start = earlier graduation. DNP option, and they really seem to take care of their students. They really want everyone to focus on classes so they do as much as they can to streamline everything else. Good luck! And if you really want anesthesia, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Apply to many schools!
  3. AnnieQRN

    TCU Fall 2011 Interview

    I'm in FW already, where do you live now? I just want to get started! (and stop with the poop already)
  4. AnnieQRN

    TCU Fall 2011 Interview

    Received my acceptance email on Monday! I will be starting the DNP program in two months! Who else will be joining me?
  5. AnnieQRN

    TCU Fall 2011 Interview

    I'll be there November 3 at 3.

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