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    Job Interview Questions

    How many questions do you ask a potential employer during an interview? Background: I feel like I didn't ask enough questions before accepting my current RN position, so in my current job search I want to be well informed before accepting a position. I just went to a job interview and the unit director got irritated with me because I was asking "too many" questions, even making a follow-up snarky comment that they better "get comfortable." All-in-all, the sit-down interview took about 20 minutes and the whole thing, with a tour of the unit and all, took an hour, so it's not like I made them sit there for 3 hours. They basically told me I had the job on the spot, but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm fairly certain I won't be working there unless they offer a salary I can't refuse. So, for future interviews, how many questions do you ask to get the right info on a new position without irritating the interviewer?

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